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  • I like big BUTS and I cannot lie

    I like big BUTS and I cannot lie

    It’s true, I do. SHE FLOW YOGA SUMMER SCHOOL starts TOMORROW and I wanted to make sure that if you’ve been hovering over the sales page for the last week or two thinking, ‘I really want to do SHE FLOW YOGA SUMMER SCHOOL, but…’ I was available today to answer your ‘buts’ (pun TOTALLY intended. I …Read More »


    I always had a hate/hate relationship with my body, especially my belly. The love was non-existant. But there was a time, about 6 years into my lady landscape exploration, when I set out on a quest to find love for it. It went a little like this: I took myself to a belly dance class. …Read More »


    Unedited insight from SHE through me. Woah. Shift happens + it’s happening in a crazy- big way this week. The‪ SASSY SHE oracle cards have given us TRANSFORMATION and this is your cosmic butt-kick to go within, to shed your skin + allow yourself to be fully transformed. Transformation, needs cocoon time because this shiz isn’t always …Read More »


    Your weekly unedited SHE Medicine direct from SHE through me. As the moon begins to grow, so do the seeds of intentions, dreams + wishes that we planted at the new moon last week, and the SASSY SHE Oracle Cards are showing us that if we trust our gut, our inner wisdom, we will be blessed with …Read More »
  • Make ‘I’m not good enough’ the fuel for your fire

    Make ‘I’m not good enough’ the fuel for your fire

    “Down Four Dress SlZES! It’s so much fun shopping for new SKlNNY clothes! If you have tried and failed to get fit, (like I did, I struggled for years). Then you need to check this out.”  I read this in my Facebook feed yesterday morning and I did a li’l cry. Not for the entirety o’ woman-kind …Read More »