World Contraception Day

Over on Instagram + Facebook, I'm currently running #sharemycycle - every day from day 1 of my menstrual cycle, through to the next time I bleed, I share my daily experience of what it is [...]

SHE power

A few weeks ago I went to a party. Yes, sometimes it happens. What can I say? I'm a sucker for champagne + salmon on a stick. (a total whole fillet of salmon. On a [...]

SHE Reading: Limitless

Insight + wisdom from SHE through me. This week's SASSY SHE oracle pull is: NO LIMIT SHE SAYS: The only thing between you + limitless freedom are the stories you tell yourself. Yep, this is [...]

Laying it bare

  While some people go away for the summer holidays, I'm currently cauldron-stirring + writing my next book, Witch. Can I tell you how weird it is to write a book that's already for sale on Amazon? [...]

SHE READING: pleasure is your birthright

Unedited insight + wisdom direct from SHE through me. So the moon is coming into her fullness + today's pull from the SASSY SHE oracle cards is: PLEASURE SHE SAYS: In order for you to claim [...]

Crazy times call for furious dancing. Or love making. Or anything that lights you the fuck up.

So yesterday, after having a little social media break over the weekend, I went onto FB and I got a little bit pissed about being told how to 'think' + 'show up' in response to [...]

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