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SHE Reading: Limitless

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Laying it bare

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SHE READING: pleasure is your birthright

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SHE READING: Messy-ness, trust + wholeness

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  • #sharemycycle DAY 6: enter Wonder Woman.
Today, estrogen and testosterone
push your brain power to Wonder Woman levels. You will be reigning
queen of all that is brain function and imagination will be asked to step aside
as logic takes centre stage. Yep, the shift from your creative and intuitive right brain phase to your logical and analytical left
brain phase is complete today. 
This means that for roughly the next fourteen days, emotions will take a
back seat to reason, romantic ideals will make way for practicality, and
hunches and gut instincts will be replaced by Google searches + a need for ALL THE FACTS. 
Yet, make no mistake, being a Rational Rita doesn't turn you into a square, truth is you're more adventurous than ever. 
You might not be getting your nips pierced -
leave that 'til day 11 - but like Wonder Woman, you're prepared to do all your own stunts + you're willing to take a riskier path if it feels like the right one. 
Now if you'll excuse me, I have risks to take + stuff to do! 
To find out more about your menstrual cycle + it's phases, read my books CODE RED + LOVE YOUR LADY LANDSCAPE - both are available on Amazon or through the link in my bio. 
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  • #sharemycycle DAY 5: feeling the need to move my body, so I've rolled onto my rug - no mat needed, I'm feeling VERY attracted to the hot Viking but have NO inclination to act on it as I also want to curl up on my rug, pull my blanket over my head and read a trashy novel. 
I LOVE this pose. Garland pose is such a natural hip opener for women and feels so good if you suffer from cramps at your bleed time l, or if you just feel the call to be near mumma Earth. 
Yep, I'm in my PJs, nope this hair hasn't seen a brush for 3 days + yes, it does look a li'l bit like I'm having a poo. 
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  • Did I mention I NEVER get bored of you sharing your thoughts, aha moments + favourite discoveries from my books?!!!
Thanks so much for this, Miss Manifestation!

#Repost @missmanifestation
If only I'd had this book when I was 15. Totally saving this for when my own daughter comes of age. This is life-changing information. It makes me sad that it isn't taught in school. Lisa takes it next level for me yet again. 
Epic work. Epic woman. #loveyourladylandscape 
Thank you @sassylisalister xx

@hayhouseuk #shepower #ladylandscape #ladygardencampaign #menstruation #womenshealth #womenswellness #womb #wombwisdom #spirituality #SHE #periods
  • #sharemycycle DAY 4: prods for your period.

When I was younger, I used disposable prods because that's what my mumma used. I now see that disposing of the prods also created a direct association with me wanting to dispose of my period.
I write about all the prods available in depth in my book 🔻CODE RED 🔻 but the cloth + the cup are two of my face prods.
THE CUP: this super soft cup is folded, inserted into your vagina + as it unravels it creates a seal. The seal steps any blood from leaking + the cup collects the blood. You can wear it between 6 + 12 hours, and to remove it, you pinch the base of the cup to release the seal + pull gently. You can either pour the blood into the toilet or use it on your plants - seriously, the nutrients in your blood is SO good for the plants!
Cups take a little bit of getting used to, so don't be afraid to play around + personally as I have tilted pelvis I find it a little uncomfortable to wear, but I have been told by clients that you can now get super soft versions that are great for a tilted pelvis of a tilted uterus.

CLOTH PADS: cloth pads are my personal choice. Super easy to use, come in lots of gorgeous materials and they're so soft to wear. Seriously, my vag lips think they're cleopatra when I wear my leopard print pads. @lunapads + @gladragspads + #honouryourflow are some of my personal fave suppliers. But if you're creative, you can also make your own, there are patterns on the Internet.

Both of these prods mean you have to come into connection with your blood. When we start to realise that our monthly bleed is actual lady magic, washing pads + touching the blood + honouring your cycle becomes a sacred act.

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  • Wow. What a day.
Mercury has finally gone direct, it's mabon, the Autumn Equinox + the hot Viking + I marked the end of summer with a toe-dip in the sea.
As the wheel turns, + here in the northern hemisphere we welcome Autumn/fall, I continually bow to mumma nature + thank her for showing us how her ebb + flow, her cycles + seasons are a mirror to the ebb + flow + cycles + seasons of our own bodies. 
Blessings, beauty-full witches. You're made of magic.

#autumn #equinox #mabon #seasons #ladylandscape #season #sea #southsea #wheeloftheyear
  • #sharemycycle DAY 3: This morning, I'm taking my own medicine + starting the day with the dark moon/menstruation SHE Flow yoga nidra.

Yoga nidra is my favourite go-to tool for radical rest, head-space-clearing + heart-wide-opening.

Around day three I start to get impatient. During my bleed days, I get epic uploads from SHE. We all have much easier access to SHE/spirit/all that is when we're bleeding, it's part of our monthly utility belt of super powers. But as it is for so many of us, the pull of the masculine - to do, to be in action, to make shit happen - starts to rise along with our hormone levels, and if like me, you receive epic uploads during your menstruation phase, you'll feel the pilot want to go act on them + basically do all of the things. NOW. 
Woah there, action-taking Annie.
Don't act yet. You're still bleeding, I make eight page entries in my journal, I schedule play dates in my diary to explore ideas for courses/workshops/books/projects but I don't act on any of it when I'm bleeding. Try to stay slow + intentional during your bleed days to allow your lady magic to come through.

This is why I practice yoga nidra. Think of nidra like a cross between the savasana at the end of your yoga practice, meditation + deep sleep – it’s SO good, which is why I created a 4-set SHE Flow yoga nidra special, one to listen to in each phase of the moon cycle/your menstrual cycle.

Each nidra is between 20 to 30 minutes long + will allow you to access the energy of each phase of the moon or your menstrual cycle:
Pre-ovulation/waxing moon: Get shit done
Ovulation/full moon: Queen of freakin’ everything
Pre-menstruation/waning moon: Charmed + dangerous
Menstruation/dark moon: Go with the flow

This SHE Flow Nidra series will help you to find clarity, experience deep, radical rest + explore the phases of the moon + your menstrual cycle.

SHE Flow Yoga Nidra is best experienced lying down on a bed or lovely rug + listened to through headphones. You can find it at: www.thesassyshe.com/shop 
#yoganidra #nidra #yoga #meditation #menstruation #sheflowyoga #periods #womb #wombwisdom #menstrualcycle #loveyourladylandscape #carefordownthere
  • #sharemycycle DAY 2: 
What's exactly happening when we bleed? 
So, the lining of your uterus thickens throughout your cycle to prep for pregnancy, if there isn’t a baby on the way, your body sheds the uterus lining along with around 5 to 10 teaspoons of blood + fluid each cycle. 
The colour, clots and thickness of your period blood, can tell you a LOT about what's going on with your body.

FYI: this is a super-brief description - I share much more in-depth insight of what our blood says about our health + wellbeing in my online courses + 1-to-1 sessions.

DARK COLOURED BLOOD: this is usually an indicator of higher estrogen levels, which can lead the lining of the uterus to thicken when this hormone is in excess; it is typically seen in heavier cycles.

LIGHT COLOURED BLOOD: light, almost pink blood is a sign that estrogen levels might be too low, which can lead to vaginal dryness, low sex drive, and even fatigue. If you have low estrogen levels, you may experience patchy + infrequent periods. 
CRANBERRY JUICE COLOURED BLOOD: this is the “normal” period colour + is a sign that your hormone levels are not out of whack. 
CLOTS: Blood clots in your period flow can simply be a natural part of your bleed. If you have a heavy flow, blood is expelled faster and the anticoagulants - the stuff that breaks down the shedding uterus lining into blood - may not have enough time to do its work so it comes out in clots.

You’ll probably see them in the first few days of your period, during the heaviest part of your flow.

Don't be afraid to look, touch + examine your period blood - get curious about it!What consistency is it? Does it change from day to day? Be an active participant in each and every phase of your cycle.

The more we know about our cycle + our blood, the better we know ourselves + more importantly, the better we become at trusting ourselves + our incredible SHE power. 📸 Claudia Carrillo 
#menstruation #loveyourladylandacape #periods #ladygardencampaign #carefordownthere #menstrualcycle #wombwisdom #womb #periodblood
  • Last year, I did #sharemycycle here on Instagram where I shared my own menstrual experience along with lady landscape insight + period facts every day - lots of you have been asking me to do it again, so FINALLY after a 33 day cycle, I'm day 1.
If the idea of this grosses you out, then honestly? You're in TOTALLY the wrong place. 
Our periods are our super power + the only way to stop us all icking out about them is to talk about them openly, to share our experiences + to understand what's happening to us daily - emotionally, physically + spiritually - as we travel through each phase of the menstrual cycle.
I'll share techniques, insight + personal wisdom - feel free to ask questions + please share your own experiences + use the 'share my cycle' hashtag too so I can follow!

Day 1 I take life super-slow. I'm blessed that despite being 5 days later to bleed than usual, my schedule today means I can be really gentle with myself. 
This #sheflowyoga practice is my go to on day 1. 
It's a gentle womb squeeze. 
Get into a comfy sitting position, place the soles of your feet together as close or as far from your body as feels good, take in a deep breath + on the exhale bend forward at the hip. You don't have to get your chin to your toes, that's not the goal. There's NEVER any goals with SHE Flow, it's ALWAYS about finding movement that nourishes + nurtures your body - simply exhale forward so you find a place where you're creating a gentle squeeze in your womb. This feels so good if you're experiencing any pain or discomfort. I like to gently rock while in this position too, it feels super-soothing!

#periods #menstruation #wombwisdom #menstrualcycle #periodpain #womb #womenshealth #womenswellness #sheflowyoga #yoga #ladygardencampaign #loveyourladylandscape #coderedthebook #shepower
  • Monday, we have walked three miles together, we've eaten breakfast, we've checked our 84 page to-do list, felt a lot of grief + overwhelm in this body, felt like things we have no control over are controlling us and tried to answer a gazillion emails, only to have a gazillion more come through + honestly, I know it's only 11am, but I'm over it. 
So I'm day 32 of my menstrual cycle, energy levels, hormone levels, + more specifically, tolerance levels are at an all time low, so I am going back to bed with a cup of tea + TLC on loop + I suggest we start the day all over again at approximately 1pm, 'k?

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