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Pop-up One Card Reading Shop


Ahhhhh, it's the dark moon, an opportunity to get clear about what you need to say, and how you want to say it. Where are you holding back? What are you too fearful to say out loud? Where are you not being heard?

This for me is a BIG-ASS wound, I write about it a lot, and judging by the response I get I KNOW this is something you feel the feels about too,
If you've been feeling like the recent eclipse astro-craziness has thrown you off course, or life isn't making any sense right now + you're in need of a guide-ess - a lil helping hand from SHE to navigate your current terrain, then let me hook you up with a one-card reading for the moon cycle ahead.

You'll email me a question at lisa@thesassyshe.com when you pay for your reading. (if you don't leave a question, I'll tune in + we'll do a general reading.)

I'll pull a card, then SHE, through me, will write you a SHE story. SHE'll share insight + wisdom to help you remember + reconnect with + trust your own insight + wisdom.

The readings will be done under the new moon then sent direct to your inbox on Friday 22nd Sept to guide you through the following moon cycle.

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