SHE Chocolate: Fierce. Feminine. Yum.

This restorative cacao ceremony will include:

A full SHE Flow Yoga session - don't fret, no yoga experience is necessary, poses won’t need to be held for hours, there's no crazy pretzel shape-pulling and fancy lycra yoga pants are not necessary, I promise. This yoga is for women of ALL shapes + sizes and is an invitation to reconnect with, to remember + be in total reverence for your body.

Deep radical rest - yoga nidra, SHE breathing - deep womb + ovary breathing techniques - sound immersion + inner journeying with drums + rattles

It will be co-partnered with a transformative and healing SHE Chocolate ceremony - yep, you'll enter into a delicious relationship with Ixcacao, the chocolate goddess - feminine, rich, abundant, generous, nurturing, life-giving, powerful and regenerative - to find fierce love for you + your body.

A cacao ceremony is a beautiful invitation to connect with yourself, your womb, and your body. Cacao is an incredible plant teacher - I like to think of her as the priestess o' alchemy - SHE changes shit up, releases what needs to be let go of - patterns/thoughts/traumas - and and has the ability to move you into a more sensual + spiritual space. At the beginning of the ceremony, you set your intention, and throughout our time together, Lady Cacao cuts through the crap, gets into all the places your conscious mind won't allow + offers you direct insight + access to your SHE power - creativity, your purpose, your sankalpa. It's powerful + potent.

This is a sacred circle space for women to gather with nothing to do except 'be'. Bring everything you've got - anger, pleasure, sadness, grief, joy and EVERYTHING in between. Share, don't share, but know that when we create this non-pretentious space, and we call on the cacao as plant teacher to alchemise the experience, you can let go of all the superficial bullshit that's filling up your sacred temple, your body + drop into your truth + allow yourself to fully receive what it is you REALLY need.

The SHE Chocolate experience: restorative, nourishing and necessary.

Spaces are limited, so booking is essential.

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