Join me for SHE STORIES. A 30 day SHE-powered and luna-led practice to help you write your freakin' heart (+ guts) out.

Yep, I know I usually talk about periods + vaginas (A LOT) but every November, I invite women to gather in circle + allow their cyclic nature to be their SHE guide in expressing their voice, their truth + their vision through the written word.

I used to ache for my voice to be heard. I wanted more than anything to be able to fully express myself - the glory, the pain, the wild + the exquisite in-between space - and share my truth from deep down in my heart + gut. But for so long I got the fear. Big crazy-ass fear. Fear so paralysing, I became a writer-for-hire and wrote Justin Bieber annuals. True. Actual. Fact. On paper, and in my every day life, I self-edited, tamed + censored my vulnerable + raw SHE-powered voice so that I was likeable, loveable, acceptable. It was a bullshit existence, because what I know now, that I didn't know then, was that you will never be an in-your-power, totally-of-service badass if you are not sharing your from the heart + guts truth - no matter how messy, imperfect + not-likeable it might appear.

This is why every November, my birthday month, I connect with the cycles of the moon + my menstrual cycle + devote serious love to my writing practice. In fact, I have a 30-day-long make-out session with my muse. My muse is fierce. My muse is SHE. A cross between Frida Kahlo, Anais Nin, Cleopatra, Joan o' Arc + Miss Piggy. And while our make-out sessions don't include pillow fights and lip-kissing, we do something far more decadent, we make out with words. We make out everywhere - on blogs, in notebooks, on the computer, on social media, on the back of envelopes, in chalk on the pavement, in ink on our skin. Basically, we have a 30-day love-in - John + Yoko style - + with an inky red pen, we totally muss up the sheets. Of paper.

Now, when you dare to get messy with your muse, something amazing happens. You create space. A space for your voice - the unedited, SHE-powered, straight-from-the-heart-and-guts voice - to speak without fear of ridicule, taming, silencing or censorship. A space where you no longer apologise for your wild. Oh yeah. But then, and this is where it gets really badass, if you unlock your fiercely feminine superpowers (these are accessed through the phases of the moon + your menstrual cycle) not only do you feel like every woman who has gone before you who has NOT told her story has totally got your back, you are luna-led + SHE-powered. You are a force o' freakin' nature. Mumma Nature. And basically, shit gets sacred pretty quickly.

So I invite you to join me for SHE STORIES. It's going to be Fierce. Feminine. Devotional. This started out 4 years ago, simply as a writer wanting to share her writing practice with other writers, but now, as I'm writing this love letter to you, it feels MUCH more important than that. It feels like an open invitation to any woman who has ever felt unheard, unsure + without purpose. To any woman who's started a book and has the nagging voice of an old teacher or family member telling her she's not good enough. To any woman who's self-censored her voice whether on paper, or in life, because she's been told she's too loud or too much.

Yep, starting on the 30th October - the new moon, through to the  28th November - the dark moon, an entire lunar cycle, I invite you to commit your heart + gut completely + wholeheartedly to a luna-led, SHE-powered writing practice that will:

  •  use a daily devotional writing practice as a tool to allow your SHE-powered, uncensored truth to flow through you
  • use the sacred art of bitchcraft to untame your wild, without apology + provide ways to give your inner critic - the one that says 'you're not good enough' or 'who do you think you are?' - the middle finger
  • show you how to discover, tap into + use the creative powers available in each moon + menstrual phase
  • encourage you in every way to write, express + share from your heart (+ guts) 

In sanskrit, this would be called a Sadhana, a dedicated, disciplined practice to reach a goal. Thankfully, discipline o' the SHE kind isn't all whips and whistles. (At least not in this kind of make-out session. Wink.) When done in a deliciously, fierce, feminine + devotional way, discipline is so juicy, so potent, it can becomes the spiritual rocket fuel for your wildest dreams.


- write like a motherlover? - finish a book? - start a novel? - create social media that feels real + tells a story? - become a channel for SHE? - heart-riff in a journal? - create a regular blog practice? - tell your SHE-powered from the heart (+ guts) truth, your SHE Story without apology?

If so, I would love for you to join me in circle, for an entire moon cycle to create a daily devotional, make out with your muse + Write Your Freakin' Heart (+ guts) Out.


SHE Stories WILL bring up 'stuff.' It's the nature of this kind of women's work. It's why I do it. We need to feel to heal, ladylove + when we do, the raw, vulnerable, cracked + exposed wound becomes your SHE spot. Where your essence, your truth, your power resides. If you're going to tell your truth, if you're going to rediscover your voice + express yourself fully, you have to drop the need for validation, you have to be willing to unravel + get messy with your story of what it is to be a woman. You have to be willing to feel it all. But honestly? It's worth it. It's SO worth it. And know that I've got you, because this is my work. Women's work. To help women explore the blood + guts of being a woman + I have a hefty tool box. Writing is one of those tools. Please know, I'm not an authority + never would claim to be. I'm a guide, a sister, a hand-holder, a cheerleader. I'm a woman who is passionate about the need for women to tell their truth + share their stories.


Daily prompts, love letters, rituals, ceremonies, practices and insights from myself + fellow writers, truth tellers + creative types

VALUE: £99.00

An FB live Q+A with me where you can ask me anything about the writing process, writing in collab with SHE, the publishing industry, you can ask ANYTHING - if you can't make it live, you'll be able to submit your question + I'll answer it + you'll get insta-access to the recording.

I'll also be sharing  SHE insights Sessions - video interviews with three amazing women who help + support me to tell my SHE Stories in the world.



Actress + founder of Carrie Anne Moss - we will share how to access our inner power source + trust ourselves + our voice.



kind-amyHay House editor, Amy Kiberd - we'll be talking about how to use your voice + full expression to share your story + if a publishing deal is your goal, we'll talk about what you need to do to make that happen too.




Social media queen + author + brand consultant, Katie Brockhurst - we'll explore the power of truth telling, story sharing + how to be real on social media.



VALUE £250.00 (These SHE insight sessions are worth the cost of SHE Stories alone!)

A downloadable SHE Cycles: The Basics guide that explores both the moon + your menstrual cycle + helps you access + use the wisdom of your body + your womb as a tool in the writing process.

VALUE: £49.00

Four MP3 downloadable meditations for each moon + menstrual phase to help with the creation process.

VALUE: £40.00

A downloadable moon + menstrual maven cheat sheet poster, hand drawn by me, that explains each phase and how to use it's powers to help you create, show up + share your real.

VALUE: £20.00

- Make Out With Your Muse mini-e-programme

VALUE: £75.00

- Access to an exclusive accountability women's writer circle via Facebook, where we will show up, declare our intentions, share and Write Our Freakin' Heart (+ guts) Out together

VALUE: Priceless

That's over £550 worth of awesomeness for just £111 - I know, right?


I've worked in publishing as a freelance journalist for women's titles such as Cosmopolitan + Marie Claire, I was agony aunt for teen magazine Mizz for six yearsI've been an editor for HarperCollins, Parragon, Penguin + O Books + for the past 15 years I've written over 25 books as a writer for hire, + as an an author, I've published books with HarperCollins and most recently, my book Love Your Lady Landscape has been published by Hay House. Working in the publishing industry, I have had far too many conversations with male publishers who say that 'female voices with too much 'I' in them just don't sell.' I don't care if they sell. I care that they're told. Which is why I want to make this practice, and all the incredible female stories that will be told because of it, as accessible as possible.

All you need to do now is commit. To yourself, to your truth, to your muse, to SHE and to your daily writing practice. FYI: I've seen your muse, and she's lying rather seductively on a chez lounge declaring 'paint me like one of your French ladies' - who wouldn't want to commit to that? It's £111. For a spiritual, fiercely feminine, sometimes swear-y, luna-led, truth-telling, story sharing circle for women who write with their hearts (+ guts).




I’m opening up 10 SHE Stories  1 to 1 Sessions for a MASSIVE discount – these are a 45 minute 1 to 1 skype call with me about anything that you need specific guidance on - publishing, the writing process, how to write a proposal, how to connect with source, your SHE story + EVERYTHING in between.

We can do a SHE reading, we can chat, we can get messy + we’ll discover your SHE Story together, yeah? For this option,  click the 'SHE Stories AND a 1 to 1 SHE power session' below. (This is a super discounted way to experience a 1 to 1 session with me!)






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