CIRCLE OPENS: Samhain 31st October 2017

WHAT IS IT? A five-month online circle dedicated to remembering, reconnecting, reclaiming + having fierce reverence for who you are:

First, I want you to forget everything you’ve ever been told about witches and feel into THIS:

A witch is an unapologetic woman.
A witch alchemises experiences and emotions.
A witch is a woman with power, agency + sovereignty…and she has it on her terms.
A witch creates and manifests.
A witch is self-sourced.
A witch freely communes with nature/spirit/god/goddess/choose your own semantics without needing a go-between.


She trusts her inner authority, and doesn’t look outside herself for validation and/or approval.
She uses her own personal magic to navigate and negotiate the environment she currently finds herself in.


The call is that powerful pull you feel – that invitation-bordering-on-a-command – from something deep-down in your womb space. It can take different forms in different women, it might feel like…

A need to fight for mumma earth or some other worthy cause close to your heart.

A recognition of wounding that your entire matrilineal line have/and still are carrying.

A deep anger at the patriarchal constructs that mean you weren’t told about the power of your period, that you weren’t told that your truth lies between your thighs, that you’ve not been prepped for menopause as a time of female empowerment, a time to take your seat of power.

OR, it might have no form at all. It might just be really bloody uncomfy.

Regardless, because the witch has been underground for so long, The Call that you’re currently experiencing probably feels painful. That’s not surprising: you’re being asked to navigate some unexplored terrain in your life, and to deliberately wake + cultivate the witch within you so that you can reach your fullest potential.


Which is why I’m inviting you to join me in the SHE POWER COVEN.

It’s a coven. A red tent. A temple. A moon college. An ancient mystery school.
It’s a safe container to have courageous conversations.
It's a place to develop your magic + call back your power.

Together, we’ll:
Unpack ideas of what it is to be a woman.
Explore SHE power – what it is, what it looks like + our relationship with it.
We’ll look at places where we’ve been leaking our power and giving away energy and we’ll use shamanic tools and ancient practices and sacred self-activations, (because self-initiation really is the best initiation) to call it back.

It’s five months long, and it’ll be ovary-deep.
Think of it like a SHE quest, except this is the heroine’s journey + we’re not searching for anything, because...Er, hello? We KNOW the holy grail is our pelvic bowl, our cauldron.
No, our quest is to declare ourselves woken, not broken.
To unravel.
Remember all the parts of your wild and feminine nature that have been placed in the dark.
Reconnect with mumma nature your body, your true essence.
Reclaim whats rightfully yours, starting with your menstrual cyvcler, and declare that shit sacred.
Revere it all. The mess, the truth, the polarities, the paradoxes, the mystery and everything in between.

And to do it all with fierce love and compassion, the like of which has never been seen – or more importantly felt – before.

When each and every woman stirs this remembrance, reconnection, reclamation and reverence in the heat and flames of her cauldron – alchemy occurs.

She heals.
She heals both her personal and the collective wounds.
She takes responsibility for her nourishment, pleasure and boundaries and desires.
She becomes self-sourced and can resource the earth because she knows that what she stands on, is what she stands for.
She wakes fully.

And together we all create an epic pussy storm of SHE power-infused mumma love. The fierce, powerful and much-needed compassionate kind of love that we are ALL craving.

So who’s in?


Over our five months together, with my pointer finger, (just as powerful as any wand) I’ll draw a five-pointed pentagram in the air. It’s the universal symbol of the witch, and one you’ll find when you cut through the centre of an apple – you know the fruit that Eve was banished from Eden for eating? NO coincidence.
And at each point of the pentagram, I’ll call in a powerful witch archetype/role/energy/guide to help us explore our SHE Power.

MONTH ONE: THE FORCE OF NATURE – SHE who cannot be controlled
MONTH TWO: THE CREATRIX – SHE who dreams, manifests + makes magic
MONTH THREE: THE ORACLE – SHE who trusts her intuition + sees all things
MONTH FOUR: THE HEALER – SHE who heals herself + heals the world
MONTH FIVE: THE SORCERESS – SHE who is charmed, dangerous + not afraid of the dark

Each month through videos, audio, PDFs, live calls, ritual, spells + ceremony we’ll meet these five witch entities – archetypes – that are present in each and every one of us + we’ll experience them fully.

Consider each one a broomstick prod to your pussy, a wand wave to your heart and a stirring in your womb. Some of them will have similarities, while others will totally contradict each other. Some will make you uncomfy, and others will have you wanting to high five + chest bump them.
This is the way of the witch.
Polarities. Contradictions. Truth + edges. Circles + Seasons.

I’ll invite you to get curious. To find deities + real life women who reflect the energy of each. You’ll be given tools + magical practices to connect with them, knowing that each of these witch archetypes are ready to reveal themselves to you – to be rediscovered and re-membered within you as a way to call back all the parts that make you whole.
A witch in her power.


There’s so many incredible women waking up to their power, and I don’t know about you, but I no longer want to do this alone.
Having circled with women in person and online for over 10 years now, I know it can get messy. If like so many women, you’ve felt the burn of a sister betraying or backstabbing you, the idea of circling with other women for 5 months may be the LAST thing you want to do, I get it, but KNOW that THIS is also the work.

While your stories and your experiences are unique to you, we’re all connected. And not one of us can burn this shit down – old stories, patriarchal conditioning, self-sabotaging beliefs – alone. We really bloody need each other to do this work.

Asking for help from another woman, sitting in circle with other women, trusting another woman with your story, exposing your vulnerability in front of another woman? These are all acts of serious defiance + rebellion.

We’ve been told over + over again that were unworthy, that we’re undeserving + have no value. Its literally in our DNA to find other women untrustworthy. Many of us have personal experiences of another woman competing/stealing from us/stabbing us in the back.

We have to tear this shit down.

We have to help each other trust ourselves, our intuition and our inner authority. Then slowly, and with deep compassion because we WILL fuck this up, over + over again) we have to find ways to start trusting each other.

Its why with every offering I create, I invite you to join me in an online circle.
Usually this is optional, but this time round, it feels important to make it an essential part of our time together.  
The circle will be in a secret Facebook group, I’ve been doing this for over 7 years now, and I can promise you, just because they’re online does not mean they are any less potent. Far from it.
We’ll also be meeting once a month face-to-face in a zoom room. (Don’t worry if technology isn’t your thing, I’ll hook you up with everything you need to know to set it up. It’s really easy + means we get to see each other + speak with each other –hurrah.)

Together we will unearth, explore and unravel the female experience. We will dismantle our armor and find our way back to trust. In ourselves, and in each other.

We’ll witness + be witnessed, we support and we’ll be supported, we learn and we teach.

We’ll probably cry. A LOT. But there will be massive belly laughs too.

Together we’ll grow strong roots.
We’ll get fortified.
We’ll burn away old stories, beliefs and untruths, and rise up strong, supported and whole.
We’ll be in our power.
Our SHE power.

If you’ve heard the call, we start our work together on the next full moon, 4th November. (But you’ll receive a self-initiation practice before then to do on Samhain to prepare for our time together.)

I cannot wait to circle with you.




5 payments of £75 a month.
(The first payment will be taken at the checkout when you pay, the remaining 4 payments will be taken each month for the next four months.)

No. This is definitely NOT a ‘learn how to be a witch’ course, there’s no certificate, yes there will be ‘Witch work’ and lots of rituals + spells + magic to practice, but this is a real-time immersion, not a course to sit on your laptop that you never open.

Numbers are limited, not because I’m trying to be wanky + exclusive, but because I want to create a space where all voices can be heard + witnessed, where stories can be shared without judgement + courageous conversations can be had.

Honest answer, I don’t know.
This is true of anything + everything I offer.
I’m SHE-led, so right now, I’m offering a five-month immersion into the way of the witch. Your gnostic knowing.
The truth of what it is to be you.
A woman in her power.
Her SHE Power.
If you read it + think ‘hell yeah, this speaks to my heart/womb/pussy’ then…I’d sign up, because honestly what would a ‘good time’ look like?  

I don’t know how many hours it’ll take, it’s not one of ‘those’ courses.
It’ll be a living, breathing space. I will bring my medicine + the women that hear the call will bring theirs.
This will dictate the way the work over the five months unfolds.
What I do know is that the work WILL + SHOULD spill into your every-day life.

What I share are transmissions + experiences that need to be felt.
Actually our mantra for the work together will be ‘feels, not facts.’
I’m not interested in teaching you what can be found in books, I want to be your guide-ess, helping you to alchemise old stories, thoughts and beliefs into SHE medicine. (Self-made, sometimes sweet, sometimes REALLY bitter, but ALWAYS necessary. So if you’re hearing the call, but LOVE structure, know that you ‘may’ be challenged. (That’s a good thing BTW.)

I’ll share tools, rituals, ceremonies + practices because ritualising the shit out of all of this is how we remember, reconnect + have fierce reverence in our reclamation.
Know that I’m in it with you.
We co-create with SHE.
We all share our different wisdom schools with each other. We all receive medicine.
That’s how I work. On and offline.




5 payments of £75 a month.
(The first payment will be taken at the checkout when you pay, the remaining 4 payments will be taken each month for the next four months.)