What is SHE Flow yoga?

SHE Flow yoga puts the 'ass' in asana. It's a fierce + feminine yoga practice for women of ALL shapes + sizes.

If you'd prefer to listen + watch me shake my hips like Shakira, you can view the What is SHE flow Yoga video HERE

When I share my big-ass love o’ all things yoga, women say things like: ‘There’s no way I can pull my body into crazy pretzel shapes, I’m not a size 8.’ 'I don't want to sweat in public.' 'I'm just not flexible.' ‘Tight-fitting lycra just isn’t my thing.’ ‘I’m not spiritual or omm-y enough.’

Enter: SHE Flow Yoga.

This is not like any kind o' yoga you'll have ever experienced. It’s yoga for ladykind. Inviting, fun, nourishing and heart-opening. Poses don't need to be held for hours, no crazy pretzel shape-pulling is required and fancy lycra yoga pants are not necessary, I promise. In fact, SHE Flow Yoga is best done in your favourite pair o’ PJ’s. (See that picture above? They are a pair of Marks + Spencer's finest.)

I've never been to yoga before, how do I know it's for me?

Try it. I dare you. I get that going to your first yoga class is daunting, especially if you're not a natural bendy-wendy. I was petrified going to mine. So much so, that I tried desperately to talk myself out of it both the night before and minutes before I entered the class. I wondered if  people would laugh at/judge me because I'm not a size 10, was I wearing the right clothes? What if I farted? I mean seriously, who was I trying to kid? How was this chubby body, with it's rolls o' abundant flesh ever going to become a body-loving yogini? But I went to that class and I fell in love. With the practice, and most importantly, with myself. I want that for you too, which is why for weekly in-person sessions, we gather in a small, intimate group in Fareham + Gosport. The Sassram is a temple-space where for 60 minutes each week, magic happens, because when women gather, magic always happens.

A lot of yoga and it's teachings are super-masculine and devised for a male physique, SHE Flow yoga is a practice specific to ladykind. I've created pose modifications that take into account women have hips, asses, boobs + tums and while we won't put our legs behind our ears, we will build strength and flexibility through nourishing movement that works with your body's needs and rhythms. Every class will be specifically tailored to meet the needs and abilities of the women attending, paying particular attention to where each woman finds herself in that session.

If you are a complete beginner to all things yoga, I invite you to join me for SHE Flow Yoga: THE ESSENTIALS An online starter kit where I will share simple SHE Flow yoga tools - breath, movement + meditation - combined with practices specific to ladykind that will help you to find love for your body no matter what shape or size it is.

SHE Flow classes + workshops are where you'll awaken a delicious relationship with your body through the awesomeness that is SHE Flow – a combo o’ yoga, breath and divine movement that will shake your Shakti, work with your you-nique-to-you flow and importantly, align your SASSY - Spiritual, Authentic, Sensational, Sensual YOU.

We will move, pulse and breathe together as we come into relationship with our bodies, the cycles + the seasons, and slowly, you'll stop thinking you have to look, be and act a certain way in class, and in life, and instead you'll simply show up + be open to the possibility that awesomeness can, and will, occur. We'll tune into the moon and our monthly superpowers (it’s what all the awesome women do) and we’ll riff – heart to heart, woman to woman - and there's a good chance we'll eat dark chocolate.

What if I'm not fit/not flexible/not...enough?

You ARE enough. Simply come as you are. SHE Flow Yoga is for women of ALL shapes, sizes, ages and abilities.  In fact, it's for any member o' lady-kind who wants to know and understand her SHE power, feel her fire, wake up to herself and fall in heart-thump-y love with her divine goddess-given body. (Psst, if falling in love with your body feels like a really big deal,  we can simply start with 'like', yeah?)

But I find yoga teachers intimidating...

I hear you. So do I! I'm a size 18/20 and have been practicing yoga for 6 years now + I still get super-intimidated by the bendy-wendy, pretzel-shape pulling yoga-types. The good news is SHE Flow Yoga is NOT about pulling the best shapes and seeing who can hold them the longest amount o' time, it's a nourishing, fiercely feminine practice, so while there's a chance I will make you sweat, all guidance will be appropriate for your body.

FYI: if you need the practical deets - I'm a qualified yoga teacher registered with the IYN, I'm a certified Curvy Yoga + Womb Yoga instructor and I'm a plus sized, tattooed + pierced woman in a big body that I found big love for through yoga, so I am crazy passionate to share this with you!

SHE Flow Yoga is offered as:
- 1 to 1 sessions either online (via skype/zoom) or in person at the SASSram.
- SHE Flow Yoga: The Essentials - a super-full-to-the-brim essential guide to SHE flow Yoga
- As part of the SHE Flow Yoga School  - online yoga classes for gutsy girls. There will be video prompts, discussions and a 45 min SASSY Flow session each month with specific classes for pregnant women + post natal women too - LAUNCHES APRIL 2017 
- Weekly 60 minute, in-person classes in both Fareham + Gosport - Monthly themed half-day workshops - SHE Flow Yoga retreats in UK, Kent, Spain + Malta

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