A moon-led, 14 day online immersion to strengthen, sustain + self source your Power.

On this weekend’s full moon, I sat under that big bright moon, and I shook. 
Whole body shakes at the prospect of bringing a book out in the world titled Witch
Actually, anytime I share my words + voice in the world, I shake.
I used to shake with fear, anxiety, societal conditioning + deep ancestral wounding.
Worried about the response of others, about being seen and heard, about being judged, or being called out by other women.
Sometimes this was a perceived fear, sometimes it was based on actual experience, either way it was pretty freaking painful + it’s what stops so many of us from doing our sacred, holy and fucking important work in the world.

It's why when we’re called to rise, which women all over the globe are being called to do, and at break neck speed, many of us are turning to our old tricks + trusted methods to ‘numb’ the overwhelm, the fear + the anxiety - food, consumerism, netflix, alcohol - pick your personal drug of choice. (No judgement, I’ve used ALL of them.)

But this weekend, when the body-shakes began, I was able to witness Shakti in ALLLLL her glory, take a deep down-into-my-womb breath and slowly and gently tend to my roots.

When I wrote the book, Love Your Lady Landscape. I got a super-clear transmission - that while we would all be called to rise - in ways that I’d never actually imagined when I began writing it - in order to do that, we’d have to remember, reconnect with, reclaim and have total reverence for our roots AND our root.

We’d have to ROOT TO RISE.

This direct download came from SHE, through me, while in the Hagar Qimm Temple, a 5,000+ year old sacred space, on the Mediterranean island of Malta. (My sacred home.)

‘I am as old as time. Even older than that.
I hold secrets. So many secrets that I’ve taken underground.
But I will rise. I will rise with power. Not brute force, but rooted strength – I will pull down energy from the sky, from the stars, I will pull up energy from the earth and I will rise up through you.
I will be strong in you.
I ask you to simply be open to receive.
To allow yourself to be fully charged with SHE.
Allow + receive it all.
You will have to challenge beliefs + perceptions - those of others, but mostly your own – when you feel resistance, when you feel challenged, place both feet on mumma Earth + breathe. Breathe deep.
Allow yourself to trust that you know.
You know exactly what needs to happen next.
You know exactly what’s being asked of you.
You know exactly what you need to remember for ALL our sakes.
Trust yourself.
Trust what you feel to be true.
Are you ready?
Please say you’re ready.
It’s been far too long + I’m getting cranky down here.’

I wasn’t ready, but I did it anyway.
I wrote Love Your Lady Landscape and Witch as my direct response to The Call that I received. Words, in written form, to help guide + support women who are waking in the womb. Providing insight and wisdom on how to reclaim, own and use their cauldron - their pelvic bowl and the power that’s held within it - for good. 

Your Call may look and feel very different, but I can guarantee SHE will be calling you to start before you’re ready, and I’m pretty sure you’ll be feeling some version of fear, anxiety and worry about it too. (It’s the very nature of this bloody work. It takes you to your edges so you can feel it ALLLLLLLL.)

Grow strong roots + tend to them daily. Because to do the work that’s being called of women - you + me - we need to get strong.
REALLY strong.
We need to fortify our human container so that it's able to hold, support and use our infinite SHE power effectively.
You need to know ALL the ways in which we can self-source, nourish and sustain ourselves so that we remain woken and not broken.

Lisa, and what she shares, is just amazing. She has so much to offer for every woman around the world. Go on an adventure with this woman.

- Marianne Oude Nijhuis

I’m inviting you to join me between March 28th til 11th April for a 14 day, moon-led online immersion where we will  Root to Rise: Strengthen, sustain + self-source your power. 

We will: 

  • use the waxing to full energy of the moon to wake your womb
  • connect with your power source and grow strong roots through self-touch and yoga nidra. This will help you to feel and heal. To REALLY heal. Your wounds. Ancestral wounds. Past life wounds. To leave no crack (pun totally intended) not witnessed. Not seen. Not felt. When you do this for yourself, you do it for us all.
  • re-imagine a time management system that works in tune with your menstrual cycle and the cycle of the moon so that you’re able to work with it’s ebb + it’s flow to sustain your energy levels.
  • practice daily SHE Flow - a specially-designed-for-this-programme series of movement, mantra, meditation + breath work that will help you to strengthen your body and your nervous system
  • share writing/art-making prompts to provoke and evoke self-enquiry 
  • discover, explore + practice resourcing the self so that your roots are ALWAYS nourished + sustained - emotionally, mentally + physically
  • gather in circle for support and sharing throughout the immersion and take part in a Root to Rise Ceremony on the full moon via Facebook live.     

Exciting News!

I’m opening up 10 ROOT TO RISE 1-to-1 Sessions for a MASSIVE discount – these are a 45 minute 1-to-1 Skype call with me about anything that you need specific guidance on that may come up during our time together.

We can do a SHE reading, we can chat, we can get messy + we’ll discover what needs to be discovered + explored, yeah?
For this option, click the 'ROOT TO RISE + SHE session' below. (This is a super discounted way, and right now the ONLY way, to experience a 1-to-1 session with me!)