It’s often said that I come without a filter + do you know what? I make no apologies for that.
If I’m angry, I won’t act like I’m not.
If I disagree with something I won’t condone it simply to keep the peace.
If I’m worried or nervous, I won’t put on a positive face to make others feel at ease
If I’m raging + angry, oftentimes people will try to have me watch what I say, or help me to at least moderate it, or try to get me to a place where I lose the initial trigger as to what made me angry in the first place, but this just makes me MORE pissed. 
Because when we ignore our anger, passion + true feelings, when we don’t allow them to be fully felt + expressed IN + THROUGH our body, we sell ourselves out of the FULL experience of being a woman.
We become a shell of our wholeness.

The fear and pain is REAL

I get it.
It’s risky to share + express yourself fully. It’s imprinted on your ovaries to be fearful of telling your truth.
Jeez, I've just finished writing a book about witches, I KNOW that fear + pain is real. Her story became His story + our ancestors - the witches, the wise women, the healers, the shamanas - were stoned, tortured, drowned + burned at the stake for their truth.
Yet I bet you feel a fire deep in your womb + belly - righteous anger - the heat of NOT telling your truth. Of biting your tongue, of suppressing your anger, of trying to live a life of 'love + light'.
It may even show itself as a physical manifestation - anxiety, depression, rashes or a ‘down-there’ dis-ease like Endometriosis, PCOS or fibroids.
But to come fully into our SHE power, we have to become whole.
And we become whole when we no longer fear our fullness - the darker 'stuff' that we've been taught to be afraid of, that makes us 'less than', that will mean we're no longer perceived as the 'good girl'.

Charmed AND dangerous

But we've been tamed and we've been censored and never is it more present than in the pre-menstrual phase of our menstrual cycle, or the waning and darkness of the moon because it's here that our womanly wildness – our truth, our voice, our very essence in all it’s messy and imperfect glory - demands to be untamed and uncensored.
Now, if that actually happened, if we took life by the ovaries and actually spilled our heart, gut and womb out without censorship, a heavily patriarchal structure, like the one we currently live in, would be scared shitless. Because we’d be dangerous. Except we wouldn’t, not really. We’d simply be in our truth. What feels more dangerous to me right now is that we’ve disowned the second half of our cycle. If the first half is a deep inhale, this half is the exhale, the let go, the opportunity to stop doing and to ‘be'. To let our heart, gut and womb lead us in a different, deeper way of being, and yet so many of us are totally disconnected from it. Why? Because this phase can get a little messy, and as modern women we learn very early on to keep the ‘messy’ aspects of femininity under wraps. Our emotions, should they spill out, get squashed and we apologise. A LOT.
We worry that we’re being seen as' too much', while struggling with feeling like we're 'not enough'.
We're scared to come undone + we cling to the safe space, but woman, there are no safe spaces.

Which is why I’m inviting you to the Re:wilding.


Re:wilding is a 12 day online immersion into the darkness to reclaim your wild + feminine nature.

Yep, I'm inviting you to be immersed in the darkness of the womb.
To be with yourself.
ALL of you. 
A sanctuary, a retreat, a place where you'll be invited to stop thinking that you have to fix everyone + everything, + instead tend to your own being, your truth, your wholeness. A place where you no longer care what people think of you + allow yourself to feel, emote + express. FULLY. (No matter how messy + intense it gets.)
A place where you understand Bitchcraft as a womanly art, create boundaries, learn to say no + stand up for yourself. A place that invites you to explore your natural instincts as a woman. This instinct is a deep knowing, and a universal wisdom that is innate to the feminine. When we go against our cyclic nature, which we do if we ignore or disconnect from the pre-menstrual and menstrual phase of the menstrual cycle, our suffering is inevitable.

"I've learned there's work to be done and it needs to be done NOW - this is my time. And I don't need to be perfect - I just need to be brave, show up and be real. The FB circle was nurturing, supportive and affirming and Lisa Lister, as always, was fabulous, walking her talk and bearing her heart as an example to all of us."

- Elizabeth Inniss -

This 12 day immersion will begin in the waning of the moon on Sunday 22nd January through to Imbolc on Thursday 2nd February 2017 - this is the waning + dark phases of the moon, the phases that represent the second half of the menstrual cycle, so we will be able to use the energy of la luna to really prepare ourselves, explore + unfold the teachings of our Re:wilding. It's also the last 12 days of darkness before Imbolc, a time when I usually retreat solo but I feel really called to share this with sisters this year. 
How we experience the dark, and it's a felt experience because when we first descend into the darkness our felt experience is all we have, will differ from woman to woman. But the courage + the fierce pursuit of your truth will be your guide-ess, 'k?   

We will:

Just to be clear, there's nothing to 'do', this immersion is experiential. I'll offer up prompts + I'll share insight, but there's no work book, the work - women's work - is to feel, remember, reconnect, reclaim + be in total reverence for the whole SHE bang.
I WILL however, share invitations + they'll look + feel a little like this: 

  • Daily SHE mail - I'll share my own exploration of Re:wilding in words, videos + audio along with a journal prompt for you to immerse deeper into your own Re:wilding
  • Meet Kali Ma - Queen of bitchcraft + our guide-ess through the dance of destruction + creation, rage + joy, darkness + truth
  • Move our bodies - I’ll share SHE Flow movement + breathing practices to enable you to work with the feelings that can emerge + to allow them to move through you + to not try to escape from them
  • create rituals - to support + honour the process
  • rest - specially recorded Re:wilding yoga nidra + soundscapes
  • sisterhood - a secret Facebook circle where we will gather to explore, support + help each other to understand the Re:wilding experience
Lisa, and what she shares, is just amazing. She has so much to offer for every woman around the world. Go on an adventure with this woman.

- Marianne Oude Nijhuis

When I began my own Re:wilding, I was scared.
I thought I was ‘too much’ + that I was taking up space, but that’s what we’ve been programmed to believe by patriarchy +  the society we live in, so slowly, with each cycle, I started to really explore the rage, the bitchy-ness, the uncensored nature and my pre-menstrual phase/waning moon phase has now become my mentor, teacher + guide-ess in owning my voice and speaking my truth.

BE WARNED: Not everyone will dig your re:wilding, and at first it may feel overwhelming, but we'll take it slow and drink in our wild + free nature like a fine Mary Magdalene-approved red wine, 'k?

Join me for the Re:wilding experience + let's howl into the darkness of our true nature.


Exciting News!

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We can do a SHE reading, we can chat, we can get messy + we’ll discover what needs to be discovered + explored, yeah? For this option, click the 're-wilding+ SHE session' below. (This is a super discounted way, and right now the ONLY way, to experience a 1 to 1 session with me!)

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