Your menarche, the first time you bleed, is the moment your SHE power - your spirit, your song, your truth + purpose in this lifetime - is awakened within you.
G-friend, it's the birthing of your calling.
It's an initiation into womanhood.
Basically, it's a big freakin' deal.

Except, so many of us have less than stellar experiences of our first bleed - everything from being given an over-sized sanitary towel and told to get on with it, to being made fun of, to being ignored and a gazillion different variations in between, while others barely remember it at all, but what I know now, that I didn't know then, is that by not marking this special occasion, by not celebrating the moment I became a woman, I remained a girl.
I see how so many of my actions in love, in relationships, in business, in life have been informed by a thirteen year old me. In fact, I didn't fully come into my power as a woman until my thirty-forth year, when, twenty one years later, I had my very own RED Reconnection. Not only was it incredibly beautiful - red carpet, rose petals, chocolate - I shared the experience with sixteen women who were having their first menarche ceremony too. It was emotive and super-potent.
After that ceremony, I walked taller. I spoke more clearly and from a place deep within me. My words became womb-deep. I was no longer avoiding womanhood, I now owned the woman I had become. In lots of cultures around the world, a girl's transition to womanhood is celebrated in ritual and ceremony; it's the time of coming into her creative + spiritual power, yet so many women in the western world  have lacked this celebratory entry into womanhood, and this has effected everything  from their attitude to their menstrual cycle, to how they view the body they currently reside in an million things in between. It's why I'm so passionate about inviting you, as an adult, to revisit that experience through ritual, movement, deep meditation + ceremony and gain fresh insight into your unique nature and calling, who and what you’re here to serve in the world and be fully ready to meet it.

In reimagining your menarche, you get to reset the tone of your whole menstrual cycle + realign with your core rooted wisdom, so you can consciously cycle and be awake and aware of how to use your SHE Power - the power that's unfolding each + every cycle - in the world.

The Apache Native Americans held ceremonies for days with the whole tribe present to celebrate girls entering their Womanhood. The Nootka tribe had a party to honour a girl’s menarche after which she was taken far out to sea and left to swim back to the land. Once she had done this she was recognized by her community as a woman, strong and brave and ready for the responsibilities of womanhood – marriage and rearing children.

In modern times, some families acknowledge the menarche with a gift for the young woman, a celebratory dinner, even a party. Sometimes this happens within a circle of women who welcome the newly fertile woman, the initiate, to their sisterhood. They share stories of their own experiences of menstruation and make wishes and blessings for the new woman’s future life.

So, the good news is, I won't be taking you out to sea and making you swim back to land, this day-long workshop/ritual/ceremony is a journey of reconnecting to that womb-deep wisdom you hold in your body.

It's a Rite of Passage. It's the ceremony + celebration you didn't receive as a girl.

 What you will experience:

A sacred + safe space where you will be invited to fully acknowledge your body and womb-deep wisdom

A healing story share circle to discover what led to the disconnection from your womb wisdom

A 40 minute movement + nidra practice to let go of judgments and fears that you absorbed as the young girl receiving her bleed for the first time

A heal your mumma line ritual that will honour + heal your female lineage - those that have gone before + those that are to follow

A reconnection + rebirth menarche ceremony that will invite you to reclaim, reconnect + come into total reverence for the power that lies between your thighs + I will also share the Rites of the Womb with each participant

Intimate, safe + supported sisterhood

This is powerful work. Your creativity, your intuition, your power ALL reside in your womb space + it's time to witness, heal, reclaim + then harness the SHE power within.

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