Ayurveda is a complete holistic medical system that has evolved for thousands of years in India, and this system works holistically to help you balance the energies within your body to bring harmony, reduce pain, and to help you live a more complete and radically radiant life. Rich Lister, the viking + my hot husband, is an Ayurvedic Therapist + together we've created Ayurveda for Menstrual Health.

This online offering will help you:

Discover your Ayurvedic body type (Dosha) Learn how the five elements affect your menstrual cycle Use Ayurvedic and Yogic tools to help you understand, navigate and experience your cyclic nature in a positive way

Rich will also ask you to send a picture of you poking your tounge out, Kali Ma style so that he can give you a personalised tongue and dosha diagnosis

He will offer you easy-to-use whole-istic, Ayurvedic tools for YOUR body based on ancient wisdom, to intergrate into your every day life.

You'll receive: - Introduction to Ayurvedic elements - Information, tools and techniques for EVERY body – doshas + dhatus - An in-depth look at the menstrual cycle through the Ayurvedic lens - How to balance your menstrual cycle with Ayurvedic tools - Yoga, nidra and pranayama practices for each dosha and cycle type - Provide practical soloutions for YOUR body - Tools and techniques that can be used in conjunction with modern western medicine