Women, we’re in a state of crisis – we are suffering physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally because we are working against our natural rhythms and not in flow with them. Let me be your menstrual mentor + spiritual guide-ess as we explore the blood + guts of what it is to be a woman.

My sessions, counsel + guidance are for women who want to explore their lady landscape, reclaim their SHE Power, know their flow and unlock their monthly super powers to create a bloody amazing life.

The SHE Sessions are a one-off, 60 minute deep-dive for women.
Yep, it's that simple.
No agenda. No plan.
Just fierce devotion + dedication to you + your current SHE 'Scape.

You can bring a specific question or situation that needs attention, call in guidance from the SASSY SHE oracle cards, ask questions about your menstrual health and 'down there' care, sharing your story in book form, how to run a SHE-led business, seek counsel about something that needs to be witnessed + heard.

From the super-practical to the esoteric + woo woo, a SHE session is for anyone who wants to come into sacred space with both me + SHE and allow themselves to unravel, reveal + heal.

You are welcome to record the session + I'll provide notes on key points, books to read, practices + rituals discussed on call 24 hours later.

Just because it's a one-off, don't think it won't be potent. I ask you to answer some questions before we meet so that when we get on the call, we can dive deep straight away. 

Each SHE session includes a card reading, a guided journey, and a SHE-led path plan. It's perfect if you're feeling stuck + need a helping hand to shift energy + perspective, or if you're starting something new +/or want to mark a change in your life - work/relationship/home/spiritual path.

COST: £250

To book, click the 'schedule appointment' button below + follow the instructions on screen. If you can't find a time that suits you, just message me + we'll make it happen!