LOVE YOUR LADY LANDSCAPE: Trust Your Gut, Care for Down There + Reclaim Your Fierce + Feminine SHE Power. 

There was a time, roughly 5000 years ago, when SHE Power reigned and lady landscapes were revered. A time when the space between a woman’s thighs was considered a power portal with a direct hook up to Source.

But for the last 2000 years, the potent powers of our wombs, our cyclic nature and our menstrual cycles have been disregarded. In modern times, this disconnect from the feminine cyclic experience is causing an epidemic of stress, emotional depletion and frustration, infertility and ‘down there’ pain and disease.

In Love Your Lady Landscape, Lisa Lister takes us on a revelatory journey through the terrain of what it is to be a woman. Packed with tools and practices to reconnect women to their feminine wisdom, including insight and wisdom from some of her favourite muff muses, this book will help you to:

- release guilt and shame from the past
- explore self-pleasure and sensuality
- learn about your menstrual cycle and its connection with the rhythms of nature
- discover the sacred art of receiving
- unleash your creativity
- find your voice to communicate your needs, wants and desires

Love Your Lady Landscape will move you into a fiercely loving and healing relationship with your body, and teach you how to use its cycles, signs + body prompts to create a life where you trust your womb wisdom, you know about + care for 'down there' with love + compassion and you're able to stand fully in your SHE Power. Rarrrrrrr.



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"Love Your Lady Landscape is the new path. There are no maps. But there are clues. And Lisa will show you how to recognize them. This book is the medicine we have ALL been waiting for. For centuries. We don’t need more diatribes on what is wrong. We already know. It’s time to return to the only well that will slack our thirst. To our true source of power. The one we’ve all been encouraged to forget. And even defile. Because our true power lies in the very places we’ve been told to be most afraid of. Lisa like me, has very big ovaries. And a huge heart to match. You need these when you’re working for the goddess. Cause this work is not for the faint of heart.I am thrilled to pass the torch to her."

- Christiane Northrup, MD, Author of Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom and Goddesses Never Age


“Finally someone is writing about the female body, our cycles and our feminine emotional landscapes with wisdom and humor.

Lisa Lister brings passion, reality and comprehension to the divine feminine and is making it her mission to educate and create a dialogue that empowers and elevates women to become the modern goddesses we truly are.

Every woman needs to read Love Your Lady Landscape and take back what has been so lost lost in today's culture. The wisdom of women is for each of us to own and this book is an invitation to that wisdom.”

- Carrie-Anne Moss, Actress and Founder of


"Lisa Lister is sounding the call for you to heal your cycle, accept your ever changing body, and honor your feminine soul. This is the essential foundation and practice for you to get in your ‘FLO’ and  become the powerful force of nature that you are designed to be!”

– Alisa Vitti, Hormonal Health Expert and Author of WomanCode


"There's nothing more holy than being courageous enough to enter the temple inside you.Once there, once fully embodied, your truth is loud and clear, and so are your real desires. Once there, you remember that the body is the soul's chance to be here. You remember your inherent worth, and you remember that you are sacred simply because you are female. With crackling wit, and wise, practical guidance, Lisa Lister reminds us that our bodies are not the problem, but rather the goal. She reminds us that being spiritual has everything to do with loving every inch of who we are, blood, body, and soul."

Meggan Watterson, Author of REVEAL & How To Love Yourself (And Sometimes Other People)


"I'm a bloody big fan of Lisa Lister. Lead by the Divine Feminine, Lisa is here to write a new story for women and the way the world sees menstruation. Compassionate, current and full of sass, in Love Your Lady Landscape, Lisa guides women to get into flow with their cycle, heal their wombs and reclaim the unstoppable She power that is their birth rite."

-Rebecca Campbell, author of Light Is The New Black and Rise Sister Rise.


"Lisa knows the true importance of women loving, honouring, and connecting with their bodies every day. Love Your Lady Landscape is liberating, fierce and fascinating - and packed full of information about your 'down there' that ALL women should know about. Thank you Lisa for this book, on behalf of all the women who are still too embarrassed to have these OH-SO important conversations."

-Mel Wells, author of The Goddess Revolution


“Lisa Lister doesn’t mess around. She’s here to break boundaries and barriers that have been created by what society defines ‘normal’ and in turn, remind us what’s real. Teaching and leading other girls to honour their divinity inside and out is no easy task and for that reason alone, I respect Lisa wholeheartedly. As far as I’m concerned, Lisa is part angel, part goddess and part rocker – she writes in a way that’s friendly, honest and captivating.

– Kyle Gray, Bestselling Author of Angel Prayers and Wings of Forgiveness


“Lisa’s sheer passion is palpable, whether she’s presenting her practical guide to getting the most out of your cycle or tackling complex philosophical questions of femaleness. She stands strong in that space between cycle-worship and cycle-commodification, making room for more women to feel self-knowledge through body acceptance is here for them, too. To paraphrase Gail Dines, if women loved their bodies, how much might society change for the better? Lisa gives us a glimpse of a bright future.”

– Holly Grigg-Spall, Author of Sweetening the Pill: or How We Got Hooked on the Hormonal Birth Control


“Lisa Lister is love on fire. A true embodiment of the Goddess on earth who walks the fire path of love, truth fleshly feelings of wild desire – women wake to an unconditional and healing love in Lisa’s wake. Her words, all from the deepest caverns of her heart, touch the hearts of all who read her. To read Lisa is to know her, and to know Lisa is to know oneself. Her journey is yours, and yours hers, and all together we piece the Goddess back together on the planet.”

– Sarah Durham Wilson, Founder of and author of The Do It Girl Diaries

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