CODE RED: know your flow, unlock your monthly super powers and create a bloody amazing life. Period.

So, there’s a code. A lady code. It’s ancient, it’s deeply spiritual and more than that, it’s powerful. Fiercely powerful. So powerful that it’s barely been spoken about in over 2,000 years.

Your menstrual cycle.

Yep, your period is way more than PMS, carb cravings and lady rage, your menstrual cycle/period/ragtime/ - insert whatever you call your ’time of the month’ here - is actually a 4-part lady code, that once cracked, will uncover a series of monthly superpowers that can be used to enhance your relationships with others, build a better business, have incredible sex + create a ‘bloody' amazing life.


Code Red, from the creatrix of, Lisa Lister, is a call to action. A rallying cry thats you to explore, navigate and most importantly, love your lady landscape.

You’ll learn how to live and work in complete alignment with the rhythms of nature, the moon and your menstrual cycle, be inspired by insights from Wise and Wild Women like Meggan Watterson, Alexandra Pope and Uma Dinsmore Tuli and gain access to easy-to-follow strategies and SHE flow practices. You'll be invited to re-connect with your true nature as a woman, tap into the transformative power of your innate feminine wisdom and use your menstrual cycle as an ever-unfolding map to crack your lady code.

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What fabulous people are saying about CODE RED

"Lisa Lister is the woman we all wish we were lucky enough to have as our sister. But short of having her on speed dial, this book is the next best thing to a full on feminine support system!"
- Kathleen McGowan, Activist and International Bestselling Author of The Expected One & The Book of Love

"Code Red is a modern priestess guide for women to go within and use their feminine cycles to lead the good life.  Lisa Lister is sounding the call for you to heal your cycle, accept your ever changing body, and honor your feminine soul. This is the essential foundation and practice for you to get in your 'FLO' and  become the powerful force of nature that you are designed to be!"
- Alisa Vitti, Hormonal Health Expert and Author of WomanCode

“Lisa Lister doesn’t mess around. She’s here to break boundaries and barriers that have been created by what society defines ‘normal’ and in turn, remind us what’s real. Teaching and leading other girls to honour their divinity inside and out is no easy task and for that reason alone, I respect Lisa wholeheartedly. As far as I’m concerned, Lisa is part angel, part goddess and part rocker – she writes in a way that’s friendly, honest and captivating. This book is filled with ‘aha!’ moments from beginning to end. Let Code Red help you recognize your monthly flow – as a reminder you are fiercely feminine.”
- Kyle Gray, Bestselling Author of Angel Prayers

"I've been searching for this book for years. Lisa Lister sheds the veil on the hidden power of the divine feminine with sass, compassion and deep wisdom. Jam packed full of tools, stories and even tips for guys... I'm recommending it to anyone who gets a period or knows someone who does."
- Rebecca Campbell, Author of Light Is the New Black

“Lisa's sheer passion is palpable, whether she's presenting her practical guide to getting the most out of your cycle or tackling complex philosophical questions of femaleness. She stands strong in that space between cycle-worship and cycle-commodification, making room for more women to feel self-knowledge through body acceptance is here for them, too. To paraphrase Gail Dines, if women loved their bodies, how much might society change for the better? Lisa gives us a glimpse of a bright future.”
- Holly Grigg-Spall, Author of Sweetening the Pill: or How We Got Hooked on the Hormonal Birth Control

"Lisa is so full of womanly wisdom, she completely blows my mind. As a very left-brain entrepreneur, I sometimes forget I have a body, let alone a female one! Lisa reminds me to look within at the wild, messy, imperfect but oh-so-freaking powerful feminine self and use that to create a more creative and soul-fulfilling life. I can't wait to dive into Code Red whenever I need a reminder."
- Denise Duffield-Thomas, Author of Lucky Bitch & Get Rich, Lucky Bitch, Founder of

“Allow me to explain why I believe you should read this book. We live in a fundamentally gyno-phobic world. A world where the fear of women (and as Freud would confirm) specifically the menstrual process with all its ramifications, has been so systemically profound for thousands of years, and where until very recently, men fully subjugated women to their will, inferring or overtly stating menstruation (as symbolic of the very nub of womanhood as it were) was disgusting, and as we know, sadly in many parts of the world, this level of supreme ignorance, fear and oppression continues to this day. So deep runs the conditioning, women themselves have been inculcated with self-disgust on account of it. So when someone as bold, brazen and erudite as Lisa Lister emerges to redress the balance by turning the issue on its head and proposing women feel pride in all their aspects and functions, we must afford her all the support we can muster. For if we are to evolve as a species now, it will be the women who lead us in it, ideally with the support and help of the men, but certainly no longer in deference to them. So all plaudits to Lisa and may this book reach all the people it needs to, to trigger the next phase of the requisite shift. And (talking as an honorary sister), may we now prevail (before it's too late).”
- Barefoot Doctor, Author of the Barefoot Doctor’s Handbook for the Urban Warrior: Spiritual Survival Guide

“Lisa’s writing is full of solid truths, the sort that will have you nodding as you read. She speaks from her heart, her experiences and her soul and is one of the most authentic people I know. Her knowledge gained from living it, feeling it and being it, asks questions and then answers them beautifully, all done in her signature straight talking, no nonsense style. Love, love, love.”
- David Wells, Astrologist, Psychic and Author of Your Astrological Moon Sign &Past, Present & Future

“Lisa Lister is love on fire. A true embodiment of the Goddess on earth who walks the fire path of love, truth fleshly feelings of wild desire - women wake to an unconditional and healing love in Lisa's wake. Her words, all from the deepest caverns of her heart, touch the hearts of all who read her. To read Lisa is to know her, and to know Lisa is to know oneself. Her journey is yours, and yours hers, and all together we piece the Goddess back together on the planet.”
- Sarah Durham Wilson, Founder of

"Every woman NEEDS to read this book. It will make you laugh, cry and nod in agreement but it will also give you aha moments of total inspiration, this book tells YOUR story. Lisa Lister is handing us the key to our own freedom, enabling us to find ourselves and reconnect with our own inner power, releasing us from the bonds that society, media and even our own minds put in place. This book brings a new era...Vive la menstruation revolution!"
- Rachel Patterson, author of Moon Magic and The Grimoire of a Kitchen Witch

"An important book for our current cultural times. As women continue to fight for equality, Lisa reconnects the modern woman with her innate feminine wiles. Yes, it gets bloody and intimate, but the lack of that truth has sanitised our existence... Until now. In this intriguing and beautifully unsanitary account, Lisa allows us to own our bodies and to know what, and how they, really work. Delving beyond the physical, this is a spiritual, transformative read. One for all our sisters and daughters."
- Alice Grist, author of The high-heeled Guide to Enlightenment and Dear Poppyseed: a Soulful Momma’s Pregnancy Journal

"A priceless book for girl and woman kind. This book beautifully relates the menstrual cycle phases with nature’s seasons and the moon phases. This has become my go-to manual for life planning e.g. when to make business decisions, approach relationship questions or take time off for resting. Jam packed with bloody glorious information!"
- Ani Richardson, Author of Love or Diet: Love Yourself and Release the Need to be Comforted by Food