An invitation to join me in a 28-day online circle where together we’ll (muff) dive deep and get familiar with your ‘down there’.

WHEN: 9th JULY to 5th AUG 2017

WHERE: Online

Think of it like a global PJ party/red tent/sacred temple all in one. We NEED that in our lives, right?

FYI: I use the term ‘down there’ with my tongue firmly in my cheek, because I want to address why so many of us have difficulty talking about our vulvas, vaginas, wombs, ovaries + in fact, our entire lady landscape.

If you’re all like, ‘Lisa, I’ve been bloody waiting for this, just tell me how much it is + let me sign up!’ First, let’s high five because you are DEFFO my kind of woman, then skip this section + head straight to the bottom of the page.

If, however, you’re all about the story + want to know what’s ‘going down’ – then read on.


Thirteen years ago, I didn’t like my body.
I was binge eating in secret and hiding the wrappers down the side of the sofa.
I was striving hard to ‘be the best’ in my swanky TV + journalism career. The career I thought I wanted, but instead of feeling success and happiness, I just become jaded and stressed.
I was in a relationship that was going nowhere, yet I didn’t dare to demand more.

My body + I were totally disconnected.

My menstrual bleed was heavy and I was bleeding more days than I wasn’t, it was all consuming and hurt like a motherlover, sex was painful and orgasms were non-existent.
I discovered I had PCOS + endometriosis.
And do you know what?


But it was this diagnosis – and the fact a dude in a white coat threatened to ‘whip out my womb’ - that triggered a remembrance. A deep remembrance that my power lies between my thighs.
A remembrance that led to a rather incredible relationship developing between my ‘down there’.(Yep, we’re talking the kind of relationship that activates innate fierce + feminine wisdom, pleasure + sacred sensuality. Which is basically like rubbing your clitoris and your third eye at the same time. I know, right?)

Through story sharing, studying ancient rituals + rites with indigenous people, soul searching, cycle charting, reconnecting with the ancient feminine wisdom + mysteries, fierce truth telling, SHE Flow yoga + sacred movement, womb shamanism + self-discovery, I’ve been on a thirteen year adventure learning to explore, navigate + most importantly, love my lady landscape and in the process, I’ve become THAT woman.

The woman that shows her body serious love - tiger stripes, wobbly bits and all.

The woman that knows her life is a beautiful cyclic rhythm made up of her menstrual cycle, moon phases, nature's seasons, life and death and more importantly, knows how to work with them in these modern times.

The woman that has reclaimed her roar, in true Boudicca style - rarr.

I want you to become THAT woman too.


When we care for ‘down there’, when we dare to get educated about our lady landscape - physically, emotionally + spiritually – we can take back our power. When we realise that our hormones have been supressed to keep us quiet + compliant and we allow our body to have natural cycles and support her through the food we eat, our lifestyle choices and education we can create lifelong vitality and the reclamation process begins.

For 28 days, we’ll gather in circle + I'll give you everything I've got to care for ‘down there’.

The information and insights Lisa shares is a MUST for every woman out there, in fact every person, because women’s cycles affect everyone. Getting to know my own cycle, my body, my bleed time AND having information for more self care whether that being nutrition or bodywork was so beneficial to me and those around me. If you are a woman THIS is for YOU!
— Nikki Turner


Explore the shame + blame we have about our bodies, our lady landscape + our menstrual cycle.
Why don’t we know how powerful we are? We'll explore your monthly menstrual cycle; it's rhythms and how it can become a blessing and not a curse. Fo' real.
(If you no longer have a cycle, or a womb, there's still so much to explore regarding all things cyclic. This shiz is super-powerful.)

Share the ‘bloody basics’. Really practical information to cultivate your cyclic nature.
You'll learn about the colour + consistency of your blood + what it means, what it means when you bleed with each moon phase, how long a cycle is ‘meant’ to be, how to track your menstrual cycle (along with the moon phases, your kundalini moon centres and astrology – oh yeah, be prepared to get geeky!)  and THEN craft your life in complete alignment with your lady rhythms for energy, ease, creativity, and success. (Seriously, the Viking believes this is the no. 1 secret ingredient to our relationship being so awesome.)

Crack your Lady Code.
We’ll channel Mary Magdalene, Isis + the keepers of the feminine wisdom schools to unlock the healing, wisdom + potential that’s encoded in your womb, vulva + breasts + explore rituals + ceremonies that will bring us into deep reverence for the truth that lies between our thighs. WARNING: Shiz WILL get sacred.

Discover how our fertility is about WAY more than whether we make babies or not.
We’ll look at alternatives to hormonal birth control, get intimate with our vag juice + understand how it can tell us when we’re fertile or not and find out how we can support and nurture our fertility from menarche through to menopause so we create lifelong vitality.

Demonstrate self-care practices that will create a new relationship between you + your body.  
Self-womb massage, self-examination, self-nourishment + self-source-ry.
Also, I’m creating a brand new full-length SHE Flow class specifically for this circle!

Basically, during our 28 days together, I'll share everything I've got to help you become the woman who not only knows she's here to set the world on fire, but who knows + has claimed her power to actually do it.
Oh yeah.

I can't, and won't, promise that this 28 day (muff) dive is a get-your-shit-together cure-all.
If anyone tells you they've got one, they're lying.

Life is messy and life is magical, but one thing I know for sure is that when you care for ‘down there’ and live in total alignment with your lady landscape’s cyclic nature, you can tap into your wise woman, (+ oracle, healer + sorceress too) because the wisdom of ALL ladykind that have gone before you (+ will come after you) is held in your womb space and it runs in, and through, your menstrual blood.

Lisa is amazing. She has so much to offer every woman around the world.
Go on a lady landscape adventure with this woman. You won’t regret it.
— Marianne Oude Nijhuis


1. You sign up + I send you big love.

2. The day before, I’ll send you a welcome pack that will also have an invite to the facebook circle. (Honestly, this is ALWAYS where the real magic happens. I’m not going to lie, I hold GOOOD circle.)

3. We begin on the full moon Saturday 9th July and end on the 5th August.

You’ll also receive some great discounts off my favourite ‘down there’ products + services.

It's going to be deep, incredible and as always, a li'l bit swear-y.

..If you get the chance, sign up for the one-to-one. I cannot recommend a  session with Lisa enough. She listened to the early AM, caffeine ramblings of this creative spirit with the love and openness of a best friend and mother all rolled into one. She offered insights both tangible and emotional and offered the little confidence nudge of ‘you can do it,’ that I needed.
— - Michele Fawcett




EXCITING NEWS! I’m opening up 10 SHE Sessions for a MASSIVE discount – these are a 45 minute 1 to 1 skype call with me about anything that you need specific guidance on - your cycle, your relationship with your womb, how to run a business with your cycle - you decide.

We can do a SHE reading, we can chat, we can get messy + we’ll discover your SHE Story together, yeah? For this option, click the 'Care for Down There AND a 1 to 1 SHE power session' below. (This is the only way to experience a 1 to 1 session with me at the moment as my calendar is super-full.)