I have been freelance/working for myself/creatrix o' my own destiny/#SHEboss for officially ten years now. *Totally high fiving myself.* On my last day at the 9-to-5 job, I was completely done with having to work in a male dominated, linear way, except, back then I didn't actually know that was the reason why I wasn't digging it, I just felt like my big, substantial curvy arse was being squished into one of those teeny-tiny office cubicles and damn, it was uncomfortable.
I get it now though. It's simple: Dudes are linear. Women are cyclic.

Yet as women, we're all trying to work to a super-structured, dude-centric 9-5 schedule, 5 days a week where we are expected to  deliver consistently day in, day out. We seek self-help, we sign up to coaching to help us get better/achieve goals/be successful yet most of the books + practices available are dude-centric too. We set unrealistic expectations and then beat ourselves up and deem ourselves 'not good enough' when we can't deliver in a consistent, do, do, do way.

There is another way.
When you stop trying to do it like a dude, and work with the natural rhythms of  the moon and your menstrual cycle, you unlock your cyclic super powers and do business like a #SHEboss.

Yep, becoming a moon + menstrual maven who understands and is in sync with her natural rhythms, WILL make it significantly easier (and a whole lot more enjoyable) to earn money, build a business you love and create an amazing life. I am living proof. My messy, imperfect, sometimes suck-y, sometimes fucking awesome life, is one fully-lived adventure that I love and adore AND get paid for.

In fact, I am so grateful that I was diagnosed with Endometriosis. If I hadn't had to get intimate with my lady landscape,  I seriously doubt that I would ever have discovered my SHE powers, the ones that are now fully activated and used in my business and in my life to make it a whole lot more awesome-er? (Totally a word.)

What's a #SHEboss?
- She's a badass business woman who makes decisions by syncing with the cycles of nature, the moon and her menstrual cycle - this connection is her power source.

- She knows EXACTLY when to book meetings, do an interview, write web copy, plan edits, meet a new client, launch a new product to ensure maximum results.

- Despite functioning in a linear, dude-centric world, she is able to create a schedule that works for both her life and her business.

- She actively seeks the blocks that are stopping her from earning big money, faces them head on and mud-wrestles them into submission. (Yep, a #SHEboss gets down and dirty with her fears.)

- She is able to write blog posts, web copy, book content + heart riffs that connect directly to her target audience.

- She is able to communicate her needs, wants and desires to herself, to her partner, to her clients.

- She has a direct hook up to SHE. (There is NO better business partner. FACT.

This is how I run The SASSY SHE.
Like a #SHEboss.
I want to help you redefine what business can look + feel like when you work in total awareness of your moon + monthly superpowers and how you can become seriously badass and experience levels of achievement and personal fulfilment WAY beyond your expectations in work AND your personal life which is why I can't wait to share:

Do it like a #SHEboss: a fiercely feminine way to  start, launch and run a business.
An Access All Areas backstage pass to how I do it like a #SHEboss.

I will share:
- scheduling techniques + processes that are in sync with the moon and your menstrual cycle
- how I've created a badass business that is in TOTAL alignment with my core desires (and means I get to spend a LOT of time kissing a hot viking)
- how I attract clients that dig what I do - how to write awesome copy for courses, programmes and your website
- how to make money, honey

It will be a go-at-your-own-pace completely virtual programme You will have lifetime access to course and all future updates and bonuses Free lifetime access to the #SHEboss Facebook community

All the deets are coming VERY soon, but if you want to be the first to know when Do It Like a #SHEboss is launched (and get yourself a sweet discount) fill in your details below, hit submit and you'll get priority mailage. Oh yeah.

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