Unedited insight + wisdom direct from SHE, through me, for the week ahead.

Today's pull from the SASSY SHE Oracle cards is GYPSY SOUL.

I love this card. It speaks to the part of us that craves freedom + liberation above ALL things. 
If you've been feeling restricted in a relationship, a situation at work has you feeling shackled, or maybe everything around you is making you feel like you're wearing a too-tight pair of hipster jeans, then this one is for you.

It's not selfish to want to feel wild + free. It's our nature. It's just that our wild is powerful, and our power is feared. That's why so many of us find ourselves working jobs we don't love, in relationships that don't make us feel good + nourished + living lives to fit the agendas of others because our gypsy soul - the part of us that needs space to roam, to dream, to try new things, to have adventures, to expand - has been tamed.
SHE's the sand in your knickers, SHE's the irritation in your voice when you're saying the same thing over and over again sat in a meeting about a meeting, SHE's the part of you that's hovvering over the 'book a flight to anywhere' button, desperately wanting to click 'buy'.

The worst thing you can do is ignore her. Acknowledge your gypsy soul. Ask her where she's not got the space she needs + how you can create it. If booking an adventure is possible, do it. If not, run a bath + read an adventure book or write your own choose your own adventure story + plan it all out to the exact detail and use next Wednesday's full moon to bring it to manifest. If you're in a job/relationship/home/life you don't love, really ask yourself why you're sticking around.

Gypsy Soul is your reminder that you were wild once, don't let them tame you. To get your own set of SASSY SHE Oracle Cards each imagined, drawn + coloured by me, CLICK HERE


Own Your Blood

It's women's history month, so I want to bust some myths and retell some stories about being a woman. 
Starting with our blood.

There's some pretty messed-up stories as to why women have historically been kept 'seperated' when they bleed.

Contrary to popular (read patriarchal) belief it's not because women were 'impure' or 'dirty' but because we were so freakin' powerful. (This is especially true in my own gypsy tradition where the men wouldn't look women in the eye when they bled because they were scared they'd put a curse on them!)

Women weren't being forbidden to take part in life because they were bleeding, they were being protected and considers holy + sacred + powerful because of it.

Both Yogi Bhajan + Guruji spoke to this saying - and I paraphrase - a menstruating woman is so pure that we don't touch her, she's the goddess herself, powerful + full of energy + should be worshipped like one. That's why bleeding women don't go to temple, they don't need to, they ARE temple.
High fives to THAT. 🙌🏽

You'll know, even if you're a tiny bit aware of your cycle, that you are like a super-absorbent sheet of kitchen roll during your bleed, you pick up on people's emotions + thoughts far more than at any other time. (Go see a tarot reader when she's bleeding - it's when she's most potent!) so women stayed seperate from others at their bleed so they didn't take on the emotions of others + with the release of her blood, released the worries and concerns of her family and community. She was doing some SERIOUS healing witch work.

A bleeding woman = powerful, pure, potent + pure badass.

So, own your blood. It's a super power. It's your SHE power.

Menstruating and Moon phases

 I get asked a lot: 'how can I sync my cycle to the moon?' By which the person usually means how can I make it so I ovulate with the full moon + bleed with the dark moon. 
While this IS possible, and I DO share it in the upcoming online course, Care For Down There, please know that it's NOT necessary.

You don't NEED to sync your cycle with the moon because it already is.
Whichever moon phase you bleed in (and you'll notice this will change depending on what's being called up and through you to respond to + work with during your bleeding years) holds its own power + magic for what you need to receive right now.

If you bleed during a waxing moon, you're being called to use your menstruation phase to explore and make new discoveries. Read books that hold teachings you've been meaning to read but haven't got round to, or listen to podcasts by women you dig. 
This is a time to grow + play + have new experiences. Taste different food, take a left when you'd normally go right.

While I've been writing the last two books, I've been bleeding at the full moon. Why? Because bleeding at the full moon is a call for you to use the vitality + potent power of the full moon along with the let-go of your menstruation blood to bring something into being. 
To create + nourish outwardly, for the world. 
It will be NO surprise that right now, MANY women will be bleeding with the full moon because they're being called to act + create in response to political situations. (The work here is to turn rage into creative action.)

If you bleed during a waning moon, you're being called to tend to the blooms + manifestations of the previous full moon. To use the information you're open to receive during your bleed time ( if you didn't know already, you're a divination rod for SHE when you bleed) to help you get geeky with the details, to really stabilise + solidify already existing conditions, and to verify knowledge that will help to develop plans + projects.

If you bleed during a dark to new moon, you're being called inwards. To nourish yourself. FULLY. Your dream time will be potent so be sure to make notes because when you bleed during this phase of the moon, you have one foot in this world and one foot in the great void. The cosmic womb. You have access to all that's been + all that's to come, it's pretty wild!
It's a good time to be still, to be in silence, to come into your crone power and let your wise self be your guide.

This knowledge, this access to our feminine mysteries, IS how we reclaim our SHE power. Rarrrrr! 


This SASSY SHE Oracle card has come out in so many readings this week for my clients. 
Because women are waking up to the pussy-deep-truth that: we no longer need an intermediary between us and source because we KNOW. 
That our intuition, our gut feeling, our tingles, our goosebumps are all signs that we KNOW.
That of course we're going to look to teachers + guide-esses, but NOT to tell us what to 'do', but as a mirror to our own remembrance of what we already KNOW.

But hey, you already knew that, right?! Wink.

Dark moon in Pisces :: solar eclipse :: major planet juju ::

This weekend is a potent one - as above so below - the energies of a dark moon, solar eclipse + a whole lot of planetary juju mean that there's a good chance you are FEELING. IT.

Endings. Beginnings. Some of which it may feel like you have absolutely no freakin' control over. 
Inhale, hold the breath, exhale.
This is how you're going to get through it. Don't underestimate the breath. It's the medicine we need most for the current times. The fear will show up. The comparison. The resistance. The WTF?. It's all going to be there as change will be thrashing about wearing her coat of Kali-ma-ness.

There's a chance you'll think it's all 'too much', 'too hard' or that you're just plain pissed that this is definitely NOT what you'd had planned + that's okay. Feel that. 
Then get fortified. 
When the wind of change blows we need strong roots. Strong ovaries. 
We need to breathe deep, we need to have a daily spiritual practice - SHE Flow, Kundalini strength poses, pranayama + silence are currently mine - and we need to trust our own power + agency, because this solar eclipse in Pisces is calling us to claim ourselves.

To witness old stories, habits + heavy conditioning and patterns about how it 'should be' that we've carried ancestrally + through past lives, thank them for the lessons, allow yourself to be shaped not shackled by them, and then let that shit that go, because it's not yours.

This eclipse is calling the witches + warriors to BE THE CHANGE. Feel the freshness + possibility of the newness of spring + trust your gut. Follow the cosmic winks. Feel into the possibility + potentiality of now.
Inhale, hold the breath, exhale.
Now start. 
Before you're ready. With doubt and fear fizzing at your edges.

Can you touch your SHE Spot?


I had a massive response to how I was feeling about the writing process of Witch last week + while I've shared a li’l bit about the book writing/publishing process of both Code Red + Love Your Lady Landscape in the past, you have literally been sending out a big-ass care-bear stare style demand via the medium of emails + FB messages wanting the REAL how-to-write-a-book dirty deets. I thought about writing the how-to-write-a-book blog post, but the thing is, to REALLY experience the SHE-led process that I personally go through to write a book, you need to be willing to crack your heart wide-open, trust your gut + most importantly, trust SHEin helping you to find your SHE spot - the spot of total runny honey-like truth, that when accessed can provide SHE medicine for both yourself and the world - and well, there are NO five-point plans for THAT. So I figured if you want the good stuff, let’s get straight to the good stuff, let's talk SHEspot. (For a someone who used to be a burlesque performer, I’m seriously rubbish at the tease.)

What is the SHE Spot?

It’s the crack where the light shines in. It feels exquisitely vulnerable and yet divinely delicious. Think of the best orgasm you’ve ever experienced (and if that wasn’t in the last week at least, go pleasure yourself right now) THAT'S the feeling we’re looking to experience when we hit our SHE spot, ‘k? It is our total runny honey-like truth. It's our soul voice. It’s our SHE medicine - the medicine that will provide healing for both ourself and the entire freakin' world. It's this, and it's a million other things in between.

Except we oftentimes ignore our SHE spot, because in order to access that runny honey-like truth that can be found there, it isn’t always pretty. It can be painful, it can evoke feelings that have previously been pushed down deep into the darkness and lurk in our shadows. We're fearful that if we DO touch ourSHE spot, we'll express ourselves in a way that might make us do that snotty-nosed, mascara-running ugly cry. Or we might discover something too bright, too powerful, that fills us up with so much light and love we might implode in on ourself. We get fear-filled. We get shit-scared. Yet, when we touch + pleasure that SHE spot? Magic happens.

In SHE Flow yoga classes, I encourage + guide participants to find their SHE spot in every move. To feel their way into each asana knowing nothing needs to be held, simply trusting their body’s natural rhythm to take them where they need to go.

In SHE mentoring, I work with women to find their SHE spot in their menstrual cycle, to feel into the flow of their monthly cycle, each phase, every day and listen to what their body is telling them and what it is guiding them to do in their business, their career and their life.

Touch your SHE spot + your story will be revealed.

So my big write-a-book-advice would be to know that your capacity to write a book or tell your true-to-you story is directly linked to your willingness to find, crack open, feel into and express the honey-like truth, the SHE medicine that is activated every time you touch, pleasure and honour your SHE spot.

Are you ready to find your SHE spot? Are you being called to share your story? To write a book? For your voice to be heard? 

If you are, I invite you with big open arms + heart to come join me for SHESTORIES (you’ve got 4 days left to sign up) - a 30 day online programme of daily emails + prompts, SHE insight sessions with actress Carrie Anne Moss, Hay House UK Editor, Amy Kiberd + Social Media Queen, Katie Brockhurst, along with rituals, practices + SHE Flow techniques to help you write your freakin' heart (+ guts) out.

To find out more, head over here...

SHE Stories

It's especially for you.

The feminine wound, pre-menstrual wobbles + creative impotence


Yesterday I told my editor that I didn't want to write the Witch book.I told her, 'I'll pay back my advance, I don't want to do it.' Why? I was day 28 of my menstrual cycle (my inner critic works overtime in my pre-menstrual phase) + I felt the fear. A fear that festers in the deep feminine wound. The fear of being seen + heard. The fear of being judged + punished for my beliefs + actions.

So, my editor, Amy Kiberd, who you'll meet + get to chat to if you're joining me for SHE Stories - we start on the 30th October on the dark moon + we'll be in circle for 30 days together, come join us - talked me through it. Through the fear, the wounding + the judgement. This isn't the first time she's had to do it. (I'm guessing it won't be the last either.) She reminded me of a similar conversation we had when Love Your Lady Landscape was just about to go for it's final edit.

The feminine wound is real.

For me, the wound isn't a perceived, societal one, it's real. It's one of the women that have gone before me. My mumma who turned her back on her psychic + seer like powers through fear of being called a witch, my nanna who would never have the word 'witch' spoken, yet it was exactly what she was + the whole neighbourhood knew it. It's one of past life. Yep, this is not my first rodeo sharing women's wisdom. Doing women's work. Of being a witch. In at least one life time, I had my tongue cut from my mouth in front of the women I was talking to. In another, I was the victim of a witch hunt where other women I believed to be kindred, sisters + friends, called me out to the authorities + I was burned. It's one of THIS lifetime. A time where I've been manhandled, smacked, shamed, judged + disrespected by both men AND women.

Yet, I KNOW I'm here to be an advocate for the women who, while they may not have had their tongues sliced, feel that their voices are silenced + censored + not heard. I'm here to show that while modern day witch hunts are real (you only have to look at any trash mag or reality TV show to see women being called out, judged + 'burned' by mainstream + social media) we have to practice being seen, heard + expressing our real. I've said this MANY times,  but do you think if I had a choice, I'd be talking about periods + vaginas? Do you think if I had a choice, I'd keep putting myself out there, over + over again, writing books that aren't easy to market, that talk about SHE + how our womb is a power source, declaring I'm a witch + waking other witches so that others can potentially ridicule, judge + shame me? It's what I've signed up for. And while there are definitely days that I wish I could just not know what I know, lay on a chez lounge, write chick lit + live in the South of France, I wouldn't change it for the world.

I'm telling you this because I want you to know, if you're thinking you want to write a book, or share your story, or speak on stage, or host a circle or a workshop, or create a social media feed that inspires + feels real - and you feel the fear, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. I feel it too. Every time I write a book, a blog post, stand on stage, begin an interview. And for some that fear might be perceived + societal, + for others it might be real + experiential, either from past lives, or this lifetime. But here's the deal.

To share your story, your you-nique-to-you medicine, you have to be seen. And heard. And express your real.

It's what I've had to learn every time I say yes to doing a podcast, a TV or radio interview or speaking on a big stage, when what I really wanted to do was say 'no' and stay in my PJs - in order to share our powerful SHE medicine, our magic, our unique-to-us-flavour in the world, we have to be seen. And Heard. And express our real. And for many of us, me included, it doesn't come easy. But if we let it, the fear that it's 'not safe' for us to speak/write/share our story, which ultimately is our medicine to the world, renders our creative powers completely useless. Like an impotent, limp dick. And no one want's that, right? What the world wants + needs, damn it, what I want + need,  is a world where YOU are sharing your medicine, your story + your real.

If you let it, fear can render your creative powers completely useless. Like an impotent limp dick. And no one wants that, right?

So let's do it together. Let's create a safe space for us to practice. Join me for 30 days, dark moon through to new moon, as I encourage you to write your freakin' heart (+ guts) out. To work with the cycles of mumma nature + the cycles of your own body to attune to your creative powers, to save them from fear-induced limp-dickness + use them for good. We'll mud wrestle with our inner critic, we'll see where she shows up, what she's attached to + how we can help her to heal,  we'll get a little messy as we separate what's truth + what's not + I'll invite some incredible women - actress Carrie Ann Moss, Hay House UK editor, Amy Kiberd + social media queen, Katie Brockhurst - who support me in telling my truth + sharing my real to share their insight, advice + wisdom. It's going to be special.

To join SHE Stories, click HERE

Powerful pussies + big hearts


I've not been sleeping well this week.For countless reasons, but the main one is this, I've recently written a book about how a woman's truth + power lies between her thighs - in her pussy, I'm currently writing a book about the persecution of women. Now, I'm blessed to live in a time where we can remember, reconnect + reclaim. I'm sick to my stomach to live in a time where a man who potentially could be the leader of the 'free world' talks about women + their pussies in such a degrading way + it's written off as 'boy banter.' He is the epitome of, in fact he's the orange-faced poster child of, the patriarchal structure that's being dismantled ever time a woman takes back her power + shouts, 'this pussy bites back, T***p.' Watching this play out would be almost amusing as he, along with others like him, cling desperately to the out-of-date paradigms + belief systems that has fed over-puffed egos for centuries. Except it's not funny. And as the feminine wakes, fully rooted after being pushed underground for the past 3,000+ years by patriarchy, shit WILL get continually unfunny. For a while at least. Such is the nature of transition. That's a LOT of conditioning that has to unravel + come undone, right there. Look, I don't love Hilary. I'm under no illusion she's the 'answer', (far from it) I'm not a US voter. For me this isn't about the election, honestly? Either one in charge seems like a scary + shady prospect to me, I am a woman though, and while I know essentially what follows is a campaign speech for Hilary, (shit lady, you're lucky you've got MO on your team) this speech pretty much sums up the not-okay-ness of T***p + his behaviour + for me at least what truth + power ACTUALLY looks like. There is much still to do, it IS going to get messy + we need to call back + claim our power to do it. Women, it lies between your thighs. Dudes, it's your big beating, caring, respectful warrior hearts. Call back your power, NOW. The world need powerful pussies + big hearts more than ever right now.

Truth telling, story sharing + how to be real


I'm day 22 of my menstrual cycle + I 'should' be amazing everyone with my ability to stay unruffled in the face of ANY crisis. I should be experiencing 'unshakeable serenity' because progesterone is 'meant' to have me feeling relaxed, calm + centred, but honestly? Right now I'm howling with anger, pain + frustration - for myself + for the world we live in. I'm angry because I'm back in the UK + it's fucking freezing. I'm angry at my phone + it's incessant demands for me to respond to it every fucking five minutes. I'm angry that we have to have International Day of The Girl, but then instantly realise that the bigoted man with the stupid orange tan proves exactly why we need International Day of The Girl.


This picture is me telling progesterone to  hurry up with its 'supposed' bloody serenity. Now, unless I'd told you, you'd be mistaken for thinking that's EXACTLY what I was experiencing, right? But that's the thing with social media + online story sharing, not everything is as it seems.

I could go deep with this one because there is a LOT o' talk about 'authenticity' on the internet + it makes me mad, but right now it would just turn into a shout-y pre-menstrual rant + NOBODY wants that, so instead I'll offer up an invitation to you. If like me you're over people claiming to be an authority, or so-called experts telling you 'how to be authentic' in life, in business, or on the page + you simply want to show up, without feeling the need to ask for permission or seek approval from others + tell your truth, share your stories + express your real no matter how messy it might first appear, join me this November, as I open up the SHE Stories Circle.

Yep, I know I usually talk about periods + vaginas (A LOT) but every November, I invite women to gather in circle + allow their cyclic nature to be their SHE guide in expressing their voice, their truth + their vision through the written word.

I used to ache for my voice to be heard. I wanted more than anything to be able to fully express myself - the glory, the pain, the wild + the exquisite in-between space - and share my truth from deep down in my heart + gut. But for so long I got the fear. Big crazy-ass fear. Fear so paralysing, I became a writer-for-hire and wrote Justin Bieber annuals. True. Actual. Fact. On paper, and in my every day life, I self-edited, tamed + censored my vulnerable + raw SHE-powered voice so that I was likeable, loveable, acceptable. It was a bullshit existence, because what I know now, that I didn't know then, was that you will never be an in-your-power, totally-of-service badass if you are not sharing your from the heart + guts truth - no matter how messy, imperfect + not-likeable it might appear.

This is why every November, my birthday month, I connect with the cycles of the moon + my menstrual cycle + devote serious love to my writing practice + I'm inviting you to join me.

It's going to be Fierce. Feminine. Devotional.

It's not about being a great writer. There's no end goal. You don't have to show anyone what you've written although you're SO welcome to share. It's about using the daily practice of writing in tune with the cycles of the moon + your menstrual cycle, to unravel your SHE story + express your real.

The content will be dictated by what you bring to the circle. If you have questions about the publishing industry, bring it. If you want to know how to co-collaborate with SHE, ask. If you want to know how to deal with the inner critic, let's chat. If you want to know how to write a proposal, this will be the place to quiz me.

For those who have joined me in previous circles, this time round, I'm also inviting three of my favourite women, actress Carrie Ann Moss, Hay House editor, Amy Kiberd + social media angel Katie Brockhurst to join me in SHE insight Sessions - recorded conversations with sisters who have supported + been my cheerleaders in sharing my truth + my voice, and I'm asking them to provide their insight + wisdom to help inspire, motivate + support you too.

To find out more + to join me in the SHE Stories circle, click HERE

Lilith + calling back your power. Now.


What a month September has been, eh?!Are you feeling all the feelings? Despite all my best intentions, I've not written a SHE mail all month, I had plans to launch courses + workshops, in fact I had a LOT of plans for a LOT of things + as the month comes to an end, I realise that NONE of them have come to fruition. NONE.

But instead of sharing my offerings with you, instead of sharing the gazillion blog posts + insights I got while on retreat braless up a mountain in Spain, it seems the work for me this month was to be with myself. It's been painful, exhilarating + all-consuming but I teamed up with the goddess Lilith + with her support, I called my power back.

I write about 'calling your power back' in my book, Love Your Lady Landscape so you might be wondering why I'm still having to do it, I'll tell you for why. Calling back our power, whether you've done it in an ancient Goddess temple with me in Malta, whether you've placed your hand on your copy of Love Your Lady Landscape, whether you've created your own ritual, or pulled the SHE Power card over + over from the SASSY SHE oracle, it's not a one-time practice + voila, power is back + installed, womankind have been stripped of their SHE power by the patriarchy + it's a daily freaking practice for all of us to remember, reconnect + most importantly reclaim it.

So why did I call in Lilith? Because Lilith is a badass. She's hypnotic + she's magnetic. She's the goddess of sexual energy, creativity, rebellion + SHE power. She's a symbol of divine matriarchal energy that refuses to be dominated or controlled.

She's the one you need when you want to see where you're being taking advantage of, where you're letting others make decisions for you, where you need to get super clear about what's necessary + what's not + to see all the places where you're not acting from a place of power.

This month has been a tough one for me. Seeing where I'm not taking responsibility for myself + my actions, having to call out people who were taking advantage of me, having to be compassionate to myself for letting it happen, having to be firm in my decisions when people wanted to use guilt + blame to make me feel bad for those decisions, seeing where I've allowed people to tell me what to do about the things I care about + having to act in a way that might mean people won't like me + then having to be okay with that. Oy freakin' vey.

So basically, today this  is a love letter from my heart + womb to yours, to let you know that NO ONE has it figured out. At least not all of the time. Even if they write books about it. (Yes, I'm talking about me.) THIS is SHE business. Trusting SHE, trusting flow (menstrual/lunar/universal), trusting your body wisdom + trusting that EVERYTHING is cyclic. When I finished the shitty first draft of WITCH (the next book), I wanted to go straight into doing 1-to-1s, I wanted to launch three courses, I wanted to do in person events + workshops,  I wanted to be back in the blood + guts of being a woman WITH YOU. But each time I tuned in, I got a super-loud 'woah lady, not yet' - also my website broke, technology failed me (over + over) + my menstrual cycle was super extended as she begins to move my bleed away from the full moon energy she's been residing in during LYLL book launch + the writing WITCH (I'm so grateful for that full beam energy) towards the dark moon, + I trusted it. I continually trust it all. I got still, I got silent (silent meditation is my favourite thing - no frills, no pranayama, simply sit your arse on a meditation cushion, close your eyes + let the nothingness eat your mind over + over + over + over + over + over...) and I got slow + intentional, only doing what needed to be done + trusting that I knew what that was.

Which is why I've got nothing to sell you, nothing  to share with you or tell you about (I mean I have, but apparently not yet) this is simply an invitation, under today's black moon which is linked to the goddess Lilith,  to call back + reclaim your SHE power too.

Sit still, close your eyes + ask Lilith to show you (like she has been for me this month, sometimes more painfully than I'd have liked if I'm honest) where you're not taking responsibility, where you're handing your power over to someone else + ask for what you need in order to really begin to trust your inner authority, your body wisdom, flow + SHE - comment below, or come share with me over at instagram or facebook + declare them to me if you feel you need to be witnessed. I've got you.

Dark moon blessings, witches.

World Contraception Day


Over on Instagram + Facebook, I'm currently running #sharemycycle - every day from day 1 of my menstrual cycle, through to the next time I bleed, I share my daily experience of what it is to be a menstruating woman.Sometimes I share a SHE Flow Yoga pose, sometimes some spiritual wisdom + other times practical insight as to what our hormones are doing + what impact that has on physically + emotionally. Come on over.

Today because it's  #worldcontraceptionday, I'm talking contraception.  Now, contraception is a subject I'm super passionate about and I talk about it in both books, Love Your Lady Landscape + Code Red. FYI: If you're currently on the pill, I recommend the book Sweetening the Pill: How We Got Hooked On Hormonal Birth Control to EVERYONE too. But so you know, my chosen method is DAYSY. Yep, about six months ago, I started using the Daysy Fertility Monitor. So, six months later, what's the deal? I freakin' love it + at the risk of sounding like an infomercial, I now recommend it to ALL my clients - the ones who are trying for a baby, the ones who are coming off the pill + don't want a baby, basically anyone that wants accurate information about their fertility, because y'know, Daysy is a fertility monitor. It monitors fertility.


How? It calculates your fertile days using your basal body temperature (BBT) and information about your menstrual cycle. It's different from a regular BBT thermometer because it stores the data for you + sends you a lil morning reminder on your phone to take your temp. You take your temperature by placing Daysy under your tongue before you get out of bed each morning, you tell it when you're bleeding, and then after three months of 'learning', Daysy can give you your fertility status of the day (red=fertile, green=infertile, yellow=learning/fluctuation) Daysy will show you are fertile or not with an accuracy of 99.3%.

So, it's super easy to use - you do it in bed, it couldn't be ANY easier - + unlike other forms of birth control, it has no hormones. There are no objects IN your body - I've had an IUD + the contraceptive implant at different points + my body is still recovering - and it effectively prevents pregnancy/shows you your most fertile days.

Yes it's pricey, but honestly? I could not put ANY cost on something that meant I no longer had to put synthetic hormones in my body. (Also condoms, which is what the Viking + I were using for contraception before Daysy, are super expensive over a year + the Daysy will last a LOT longer than a year!) The pill had me thinking I was crazy, when in fact it was completely disconnecting me from my experience as a woman. The Daysy will completely reconnect you to your cyclic experience, provide you with a no-fuss method of contraception AND super accurate information about your fertility.

To find out more go to: and for today only, to support + honour World Contraception Day, the AMAZING Daysy team are offering a 20% discount off the full price of a Daysy Fertility Monitor use code: CONTRACEPTION24 at checkout.

Just so you know, full disclosure, I was given a Daysy to review six months ago, but I hope you know by now, that I do not + will not share anything that I don't believe in or wouldn't happily buy myself. I am in LOVE with this prod + if I could buy every woman I know one, I totally would.

SHE power


A few weeks ago I went to a party.Yes, sometimes it happens. What can I say? I'm a sucker for champagne + salmon on a stick. (a total whole fillet of salmon. On a stick. I had two.) Anyway, I met this guy who said he loved the title of my book Love Your Lady Landscape, and asked 'how are you ever going to follow that up?'  I said 'I'm writing a book called Witch.' He laughed + said: 'Well, that'll do it.' So, yes, I'm writing a book. A book called Witch. And right now, I'm writing about power. The feminine power that we've been taught to be afraid of, that we've been told is unsafe, because an untamed, angry, joyous, unbound woman is a scary proposition to the world, right?

What would being fully in your power feel like? What would it feel like to go ALL THE WAY in one direction? What would it feel to disappoint or upset people in your life for making a choice that feels right + powerful for you? What are the repercussions of this power, and are we willing to take the risk?

I don't have the answers, I'm just riffing on these questions. I invite you to heart riff too.

For me, it feels like freedom, but I wonder if that's an idealised version of freedom, y'know? I wonder if I really could exist without the need to seek approval in people? When my parents died I got to really practice that. My writing was edgy + powerful, the decisions I made were daring + risky. I did not give a FUCK. People kept dying, two of my aunties, an uncle + cousin in the following 12 months + I cared less + less - not about those that had died but about what people thought of me because I had no one alive to judge me or approve anymore. I really walked the edge.

And while I think I still do, writing books, doing workshops + being seen has meant that some people dig you + they tell you so, and while I try not to attach to that, (I'm a yogi, I'm all about non-attachment. Ahem.) it actually feels really nice when people like what you do, but then when I sit down to write or create, it does mean that sometimes I think, 'what if those people who loved me last week, disagree with what I'm sharing this week + don't dig me anymore?' What then?

I've been thinking it about the book too. I can feel why it's absolutely the next book that had to be written but what if people are like, why is she writing about witches? She talks about wombs + periods? What if people don't take my womb work seriously anymore? What if witches question who I am to write a witch book?

I CRAVE the liberation + freedom of not giving a fuck (and I reckon I spend about 80% of my time in that place) but I'll also hold my hands up + say I still really want to be loved too. I have noticed though, that the more I love my decisions - (I love that I get to write about women's work, because that's what ALL of this is - wombs, witches, heart riffing, truth, ritual + sharing, vulnerability) the less I need others to love them.

How about you? My truth is that I'm still navigating being a woman fully in her power + what that actually means to me, I feel like there's still a long way to go + that I carry the persecution of the women that went before in my blood + bones, yet I see how different is for me as a white woman, compared to my sisters of colour for example - what's your truth?

SHE Reading: Limitless


Insight + wisdom from SHE through me.

This week's SASSY SHE oracle pull is: NO LIMIT

SHE SAYS: The only thing between you + limitless freedom are the stories you tell yourself. Yep, this is all down to you, ladylove. Of course, society + patriarchy have put us in the shackles, but lady, you have the key. Unearth all the stories you’ve been told about who you should be, how you should be + what you should be. Examine those stories, strip them off one by one – this may get dirty + will definitely get messy - decide what still fits, what you want to keep and what you need to let go of. These stories have shoved down your female-ness. Strangled your voice. They’ve let you allow others to be in control of you, to know better than you. Enough. Enough. Enough. Take a breath + unlock those shackles. Yes, you will become undone. Yes, you will become raw + vulnerable as you shed skin after skin. Yes you will die, but the good news is you will be reborn. This is what a life of no limits is like. An unshackled, unbound, unravelling of you who is able to show up + bring it all. Who is able to be whole. Not perfect. Not together. But whole + complete. Limitless.

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Laying it bare


  While some people go away for the summer holidays, I'm currently cauldron-stirring + writing my next book, Witch. Can I tell you how weird it is to write a book that's already for sale on Amazon? VERY WEIRD. That's how weird.

Now, I vow to SHE everyday that I'll share my experience of being a woman in real time, not when I have shit figured out, it's what I signed up for, so over the weekend, as I wrote, it had me feeling ALL the personal feels + I want to share.

I'm often portrayed as the 'dark and intense one' by friends + people I work with and I'm so happy to own that, because I AM dark and intense - I'm a witch, I write about subjects that have been placed in the dark + called taboo, I'm a Scorpio, I've got black hair + gypsy eyes, I prefer ocean-deep conversations over shallow + surface level chat, but I heard my heart screaming 'tell them you're funny too, show them how funny you are, woman you're funny!'

Secondly, + I shared this in the coven I'm currently circling with in SHE Power Summer School, I dropped all the fierce self-responsibility. Consciously.

I wrote: I want to experience being the woman who ISN'T dark. I want to be the woman who has it super easy for a while. (I laugh at that now, because seriously, does she ACTUALLY exist?) I want to be the one who has a rich husband that pays for everything while I play, create + go on retreats. I want parents who love and support me (and are alive, that would help.) I want to be the one who success comes easy to, I want to be the one who had 20k followers on Instagram. I want to write about something that's everyone loves + that's easy to package.

Honestly, in that moment, as I was journalling, I wanted to be THAT woman. SO BAD. Because sometimes, being THIS one, in THIS body, experiencing THIS life, is bloody tough.

I wrote + wrote + wrote until I finally felt ready to consciously claim back my power + Take self-responsibility. But before I did, I took a deep breath, laid naked in my garden + gave it all back to SHE. Here you go lady, YOU deal with that. I didn't try + fix it, or try to figure out its meaning, I didn't feel guilt or shame for being someone who should have this all figured out, I just placed my palms flat on the earth and gave it to her. SHE can handle it. Then I took the picture that's above. It's my truth selfie. I then turned on FB + read something that made me feel witnessed and seen and embarrassed + shy in circle - a Wonder Woman had expressed her truth of how she saw me in the world. Usually, rightly or wrongly, I don't allow myself to meet the gratitude or the criticism. But that day, I welcomed the validation. I welcomed being seen. Fully. I felt grateful to be seen in all my messiness + that despite that messiness, grateful that women still show up + want to be in circle with me, to work with me, to share with me.

And it prompted me to want to thank you. For letting me show up in your world each week. For letting me write you love letters, for letting me share my stories, my truth + my offerings. For digging what I share even when I don't come in a glossed up package, even when I don't make sound-bite worthy videos + get fear-y anytime I make them. I'm a woman getting messy in the blood and guts of  this experience, a woman offering herself up to SHE as a vessel + and sharing what I feel and learn as insight, in real time, not waiting 'til I have it all figured out + tied up in a pretty pink bow ready to sell to you as something that can fix you or mend something.

I work with women to take fierce self-responsibility for themselves, to call back their power, to learn ways in which to respond to life and not react to it, and this is how I did it this weekend. I made a conscious decision to let myself feel what needed to be felt - the need to be mothered, to be looked after financially - I let myself be in my shadow + I pulled it all up to the surface. And I saw it + I witnessed it + I didn't try to fix it. I placed my hands on mumma earth + I gave it back to her. SHE can handle it. But guess what SHE is me. I am SHE. SHE can handle it. I can handle it. We are SHE + SHE is WE. We've got this, women.


SHE READING: pleasure is your birthright


Unedited insight + wisdom direct from SHE through me. So the moon is coming into her fullness + today's pull from the SASSY SHE oracle cards is: PLEASURE

SHE SAYS: In order for you to claim your throne as queen (which is absolutely what you are, and your throne is your pelvic bowl, your seat of SHE power) you need to come into full and loving connection with it. So many women are SO disconnected from 'down-there' that they'd rather let someone else touch them or put fingers inside them -doctors/partners/lovers- than touch themselves. Now, pleasure isn't ALL about sex + touching ourselves, but our vulva is so sensitive and receptive and connecting with her means you're able to to truly feel and make decisions from her, and they will be intuitive + potent decisions, I promise. And the best suggestion I have to do this is to claim back your birthright + receive self-nourishing pleasure. When you're able to receive self-love + experience pleasure without thinking it's dirty or wrong, you're able to open yourself up to receive in ALL the ways - physically, emotionally AND spiritually. This may seem wild, but it only seems wild because you've been shamed and conditioned NOT to touch. Yet pleasure, receiving + allowing are natural female states and when women fully embody them, women fully embody their SHE Power. Imagine a world where all women remembered that they were not meant to give, give, give until their well was empty...Where they remembered that they were natural receivers of ecstasy and pleasure...Where there was no guilt or shame about their lady landscape because women owned their thrones, set boundaries and made all their intuitive life decisions from their place of pleasure...That's the world that you're creating when you rub both your clitoris and your third eye simultaneously.

SHE MEDICINE: 🔻 Chocolate - because... 🔻 Aura Soma number 4 to help us pursue a path to inner wisdom 🔻 Snowflake Obsidian + red temple crystals to protect, heal + support

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Crazy times call for furious dancing. Or love making. Or anything that lights you the fuck up.


So yesterday, after having a little social media break over the weekend, I went onto FB and I got a little bit pissed about being told how to 'think' + 'show up' in response to news/society/politics.So I posted a day 23, slightly ranty pre-menstrual response.

"If I post a picture of a puppy it doesn't mean 'I don't care' + that I'm not doing anything about the issues that are in the news. If I post about politics + news events that I care passionately about/and or cause an emotive response in me, it doesn't mean I can't laugh + smile about the good things in life too. If I choose to pray/meditate/dance to deal with the harshness of life, I can. If I choose to get all angry + activist, I can. If I share memories of Love + happiness, it doesn't mean I don't care about the injustice either. What's with the sudden policing + controlling of people's emotions, spirituality + dealing mechanisms? NOT COOL." Now, I think fundamentally it's the fault of social media itself. Social media is a place where we only share thoughts + opinions in certain amounts of words making full conversations + debates much harder because the nuances of in-person-ness are lost. But honestly, I believe it's up to each individual how we use + negotiate FB. The same ways it's up to the individual on how they navigate life.

For example, I'm fully aware that I'm in a privileged position to be sat in my white skin, in my nice home being able to have an opinion right now. I'm also aware that I'm a woman who has been shamed into not having a voice, and the last thing ANY of us, men or women, needs right now is being told  HOW to show up and then being called out for showing up in the 'wrong' way. I shared a post that Rose Skye wrote in our online SHE Power Temple last week as it provoked a conversation between Rich and I that showed up some truths about myself I didn't entirely like. I didn't say 'think this' or 'let me educate you' or 'this is the RIGHT way' I offered it up simply as a conversation starter. Offering support, guidance, your own thoughts + opinions? Hell yes. We NEED that. More than ever. Telling people what to think + feel + how to act? Not so much.

I'm not 'spiritually bypassing' if I chose love over activism. I'm not being unspiritual if I choose activism over passiveness. I choose love AND activism. I choose to watch trash TV to numb the pain sometimes, while other times I'll take to the street to protest. What's happening in the world right now hurts my heart, I'm sure it's hurting ANYONE with a heart and we're all dealing the best we can, so lets cut each other a little bit of slack as we navigate these crazy times, yeah?

I've been called out when I share pictures of happy memories by people telling me that because of the 'position I'm in' (whatever the fuck THAT means) I should give more of a shit about what's going on in the world. If I DO share about what's going on in the world + my views on it (which I do loudly + often) I get called out for daring to have a voice. I get told I'm white + should be grateful, yet I'm treated differently on a daily basis because I have a womb. I get told to speak out + make my voice heard, yet women that have gone before me have been burned + persecuted for doing exactly that.

It's all a big Kali ma mash up out there right now, and we're all trying to find our way, but as a cyclic woman, there are some days where I want to shout, cry, rage + scream loudly about the injustices of the world (and I do) and there are times when the pain of it all really hurts + my way to deal is prayer + meditation, so I do that too.

Through it all I'm trying to stay rooted in my own truth. I was speaking with my friend Ani yesterday morning + she said all any of us can do is "Check ourselves, see if we're being a div + change/act accordingly....with maximum love and compassion." I'm making it my mantra right now. The world is messy, we're messy + all any of us can really do is show up in our wholeness where we're at right now, and knowing that the SHE scape - our personal landscape at any given moment as a woman - is subject to change. As you learn more, it may change. As you cycle through a different phase of your menstrual cycle/season of nature/life cycle or when you experience something joyful/traumatic or one of the gazillion possible emotions in between, it'll change.

The bottom line is, I WILL fuck up + disappoint people. Guess what? So will you. And it's ALL okay. We've got to make it okay. We've got to make it okay to be this messy + not have any of it figured out. We've got to have total, fierce + deep compassion for each other as we fuck it up, as we struggle to find the right words, inevitably say + do the wrong things + upset each other during these 'interesting times'. Til then, I'm going to dance furiously, (have you read crazy times call for furious dancing? it's SO good.) make love + do all the things that make my heart womb + heart light the fuck up. How 'bout you?


SHE READING: Messy-ness, trust + wholeness


Insight + wisdom direct from SHE through me. Wowzers. The world is crazy right now, isn't it? The uncertainty + fear is causing a lot of people to act from that place - me included - so when I pulled from today's SASSY SHE Oracle Cards I wished for the Peace card, instead I got FIERCE. I then felt called to reach for my medicine woman tarot (I LOVE this deck) and I got COMMAND. Okay, let's do this.

SHE SAYS: Know source, know yourself as source. Make this your mantra, because ultimately, right now it's ALL about trust + wholeness. ALL OF IT. Womenkind have been persecuted, blamed + shamed for trusting themselves + their body wisdom so it makes total sense that so many of us are are afraid to GO THERE. Except that's the very thing we've got to do. And there's a good chance that as you negotiate + navigate it, we might say the wrong thing. You, we, will ALL say the wrong thing. This is what showing up in our wholeness is all about. It's messy. The world is messy. We're all messy. NONE fo this is going to be graceful or 'clean' - it requires you to get down + dirty with the divine, to mud-wrestle, to make a mess and to have deep compassion for yourself and for others as they process it and figure it out too. You WILL change your mind. You will be inconsistent. It's ALL okay. Or at least we have to make it all okay, otherwise nothing can heal, ourselves OR the world.

SHE MEDICINE FOR THE WEEK AHEAD: 🔻bare feet in nature as often as possible. 🔻use obsidian crystal as protection for when people can't deal with your messiness. It's inevitable but know that SHE's got you. 🔻 Palo Santo because smudging is a really good idea right now.

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Injustice, racism + SHE Power


I am beyond blessed that the nature of the work I do means I get to gather + sit in circle with incredible women. In the SHE Power circle, the online circle that accompanies Love Your Lady Landscape, we're having some big, truthful bloody conversations. Conversations about the righteous anger that's rising from our wombs. About women's bodies, about fairness, about race, about the state of our world.

NEVER has there been a time when we've needed women to trust themselves, trust their bodies + to call in their power more. When we're rooted in our power source, our womb, we can rise.

Rose Skye is in our circle, and this morning after an evening of roaring in circle with her about injustice, racism + bigotry, she shared this powerful + potent offering... When I asked Rose if she'd shared it anywhere so I could share it with you, she said the usual response is someone telling her to 'calm down'. I am SO over our anger, rage + any form of emotion being 'shh-ed', pushed down or silenced. I want to share it because it's already prompted some really fiercely truthful self-observation in me, I hope it's helpful for you too.

"..You've asked what can be done about the state of racism and bigotry right now. I appreciate it; thank you. You wish to want to step up is powerful. It's taken a lot of thought. Thankfully I've got a few processes at my fingertips and was able to get there without wanting to curl up into a ball. Now, I don't have the answers, and I don't have the energy. I can't take on the world, I can just take on the bit of it I live in. And that's something we can all do, I think. We have to stand firm, and that takes courage.

So, first thing I would say is: find your courage and your power. Standing up for yourself or anyone else is hard, especially when you don't know what the repercussions might be.You have to be willing and capable of being slammed down for speaking up. That's frightening, I know. If the only thing you can do is cultivate your courage to say 'no', then by all my various deities, that is good enough.

PoC parents are having The Talk with their kids. We all know what The Talk is: we all have to give The Talk.

My mother had to give me The Talk when I asked her what the n-word meant after coming home from school. I remember the look on her face to this day when she had to answer it. I think I was wearing the same expression when I had to have The Talk with my son. For those who don't know, The Talk is having to explain to your children what racism is, how to react to it, how to react to it safely because the authorities will judge you on whether you do it 'properly', and more recently, how to survive said authorities.

I'd say that everyone, everywhere, needs to have The Talk. If you are white, have The Talk with your children. Have The Talk with your colleagues. Have The Talk amongst each other. Don't ask a PoC to give you a crash course in The Talk. The Talk we have is unfortunately not why The Talk is bullshit - we can't afford that one. But you can. That's The Talk you need to have. Do your research, have The Talk.

There are various movements all over the world you can join if you have the energy, capacity and strength, but - and I'm speaking from my centre here - a movement is only powerful if you actually DO THE WORK. The 'safety pin' movement in the UK was something I side-eyed a lot because it pretty much was just symbolic. A lot of PoC called it out, because while the idea is sound, the practice? Not so much. A safety pin should have meant 'come to me if you are frightened and I will stand with you.' If you decide to wear a safety pin, then I'm asking you - begging you, really - to make it mean that. Make it mean you will call someone out on their bullshit. Make it mean you will not be silent. Make it mean you will offer to walk a frightened woman in a hijab home. Make it mean you will stand up, even though you're one woman and there are five angry dudes standing in front of you. It takes courage, it takes power...but if the whole point of SHE is remembering that, then you've got this.

Check on each other, check in on each other. Make sure people are safe right now, ask what you can do to help. It can be a simple, random act of beauty. All I'm asking is whatever you do, do it out of a sense of giving some moment of beauty to a frightened person right now, NOT to make yourself feel good about 'doing something'. I have friends who are in qui gong classes offering to walk people home if they're afraid of being harassed. I've seen coffee shops offer free coffee to PoC and 'safe space' for someone to duck into is they're afraid. Squads of kids tearing down BNP flyers, offering roses to immigrants. Small acts. Small bits of defiance. They add up. Speak up. Stand out. It matters.

Ok, I now have to have The Talk with the Dutchman - he's normally very supportive but his way of coping is with jokes, and his timing was TERRIBLE this morning. So now, his very much white dude-bro behind is gonna get schooled; as gently as I can because his ignorance is born from just that - ignorance, not wilful denial. He's awesome, this may be our first argument, but the thing I love most about him is his willingness to listen. I love him for it.

I can do that much today. I can do that much.

In peace, in strength. Ache!.."

As always #abloodyconversation - respectful, open + honest - is welcome...

Eve, self-abandonment + feeling it to heal it


Both my heart + my womb are tender.There's a chance yours might be too, what's going on in the world is pretty full on + gnarly at the moment and if I'm honest, I want to do everything I can to escape from it - I want to eat ALL THE FOOD. I want to watch back to back episodes of The Housewives of...well, anywhere, because it all hurts a bit too much. But I'm trying to stay with it. To feel it. To feel it ALL. And I'm not going to lie, it's a challenge. There's a section in Love Your Lady Landscape called Feel It To Heal It. I re-read it this morning, because feeling was just too bloody painful. It is for most of us. We're taught from an early age that pain is NOT okay, so we've done all we can to distance ourselves from it. Except, for any kind of real healing to happen - for you, me + Mumma Earth - we NEED to feel them. We need to allow the painful feelings to be felt because they hold a LOT of important information for us. Our feelings, so many of which we store in our womb space - are a source of inner guidance and it's our job to become aware, take radical self-responsibility and let the healing commence. Y'see, Eve's banishment from the Garden of Eden - whatever your religion or spiritual belief - has left ladykind with a sense of universal rejection + abandonment - which is why so many of us use self-abandonment as our go-to method of protection from pain.

Right now, despite the high masculine solar energy of summer solstice here in the northern hemisphere, an energy which 'should' be calling me to 'do' and 'create', I'm being called into deep rest. I'm bleeding with the full moon and my bleed is more painful than it's been for years - grrr - so much so, that I've spent the last day in bed. It's not just me that's feeling this way either. The women that are gathering in the SHE Coven, the sacred FB circle of women who have pre-ordered Love Your Lady Landscape (come join us - pre-order your copy of the book by clicking HERE - I cannot get enough of how honest we're all showing up in that space, THIS is the community I've been craving!) they're feeling it too. The trick is to bare witness to it, and despite EVERYTHING your mind will try to suggest, don't abandon yourself.


So today, I'm taking prompts from the Maltese Dreamer. I talk about her A LOT in the book, she's this incredible 5,000+ year old statue of a gloriously curvy goddess found in a womb tomb in Malta who is lying on her side in deep rest. There are lots of stories about her, but MY story of this particular goddess is that she's menstruating, and when she menstruates she's able to dream her life into being through deep rest that allows her to receive. We call it Yoga Nidra. Deep meditative sleep. A state of consciousness that allows you to process pain, to understand feelings + work to unravel them all while your body takes deep rest. I talk about Nidra a lot in the book too, because it's such an important tool in my SHE Flow practice bag.

Try it for yourself, I've made a SHE Power Yoga Nidra that you can listen to HERE.

This is work, I'm not pretending for one minute that it's not. Feeling, when all you actually want to do is run/hide/numb/control the pain, is how we've been taught to deal. It's ALL I want to do right now. That's because the patriarchy put all our SHE power tools in the darkness and taught us, rather successfully, to be scared of the dark. Yep, all the parts of being a woman, all the keys that enable us to access our power and feel power-FULL in this lifetime - our menstrual cycle, our pleasure + desires, our innate intuition and ability to feel - have been hidden in the shadows and labelled taboo, so that it's too bloody scary for us to go there, discover and claim them back as their own. Basically, like the goddess, we've been dis-membered. Separated from our body, our ability to feel fully + our intuition. All this crazy shiz that's going on in the world? It's patriarchy getting SERIOUSLY pissed that we're daring to feel again, that more and more of us - men + women - are waking up to the manipulation, that we're daring to ask questions and that women especially, are reconnecting to their body + their womb's wisdom.

Women, when we allow ourselves to feel, we heal.

When we feel, we reconnect + we re-member. With ourselves + with our power. Then? Patriarchy begins to crumble. Slowly. Which means more than ever we have to grow strong roots in order to rise, because I can guarantee it won't go down without a fight, because fighting is all patriarchy really knows how to do. But then, maybe in this lifetime, maybe not, that's not really our concern, we WILL start to heal the entire freakin' planet.