Well, hello. Fancy seeing you here.

Crowned ‘the defender of female awesomeness’ by Cooler magazine - I know, right? - I'm Lisa Lister,  creatrix of The SASSY SHE  and I help girls and women to physically, energetically + spiritually reconnect with their body + their SHE Power through the wisdom of their womb, menstrual cycle, vag - in fact, their ENTIRE lady landscape -  in badass Boudicca style. RARRR.

Basically, when you work with me, read my books, read the blog, you'll have EVERYTHING you need to create a bloody amazing business/relationship/life.

I'm a called girl. (Not to be confused with a call girl. That’s something entirely different. Although, if you're not following your big beat-y heart and you're pimping yo’self out in a job, relationship or a life you don’t dig, there might be something in that.)

A Called Girl experiences life, moment to moment.
She's in tune with her feminine cycles, her body's rhythms and the cycles + seasons of the moon + mumma nature - this allows her to fully own her divine, feminine SHE Power.
Our SHE Power is the power to see and embrace things that are beyond our control, the things that our heart yearns for – intimacy, creative expression, authenticity, sisterhood and being of service. It’s no wonder that we suffer so much stress in modern life; our energies – physical, mental, emotional + creative – have been forced into a structure that is masculine, yang energy and simply doesn’t fit with the natural flow of the female cycle.

She doesn’t hold on too tightly to a defined and specific outcome, in fact, she doesn’t care to much for that at all. Instead she shows up, raises her heart and boobs to the sun, open to the infinite possibilities that occur when you collaborate with the divine/goddess/universe/spiritual homegirl – delete as applicable.

What was my call?
To write a new story.
One in which you, me and the entirety of lady-kind connect with the power of the moon and our menstrual cycles, come into a 'I really dig you' relationship with our bodies no matter what shape or form we are in, and stake our claim in the world by telling our deepest, heart-thumping truth, no matter how messy and imperfect that might look and feel.
Forget self-help books, THIS is how you launch a business, make money, rock out in your relationship, have awesome sex and create an amazing life.

Do you want in?
If you want to know more about creating an amazing life + business in a fiercely feminine SHE-led way, check out: SASSY SHE
If you want the 'official-stuff-I-do' list, it looks a li'l something like this:

  • A writer, menstrual maven + spiritual guide-ess dedicated to sharing fierce + feminine mastery + badass-ery with gutsy girls in a practical, no-BS way while wearing leopard-print and maybe busting a Burlesque move or two. To book me for a workshop or SHE talk - I give good word - email me at: Lisa@thesassyshe.com
  • Menstrual, womb and women's health + wellness educator - basically I explore, talk about + share wisdom about the incredible super-powers we hold  'down there' with girls + women.
  • I'm a SHE Flow womb, fertility + menstrual heath massage therapist.
  • I'm a yoga teacher with certifications in Hatha Yoga, Curvy Yoga, Womb Yoga + Pregnancy + Post Natal Yoga
  • Creatrix of SHE Flow Yoga - helping women to fall in love with their bodies, no matter what their size + shape to create a fierce + feminine yoga + sacred movement practice that honours, respects + aids the moon and menstrual cycles.
  • Author of over 30 books including: Love Your Lady LandscapeCode RedSASSY: the go-for-it girl's guide to becoming the mistress of your destiny and the Lola Love series of self-esteem books for teen girls published by HarperCollins.
  • Consultant + previous Global Advisory Board Member for Dove's Self-esteem project
  • Agony aunt for teen magazine Mizz
  • Freelance writer for girls’ and women magazines in the UK and US - incl. Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, YOU, Soul & Spirit, Natural Health, OM yoga, Spirit & Destiny, Fabulous
  • Editor + book writing coach - I have spent 16 years working in the magazine and book publishing industry as a writer and editor and love to help women discover their voice and write + edit books.
    Click here for editing services.
    Click here for book writing coaching.

I also have great tattoos, some great piercings and a fabulous ability to accessorise.
Sadly, I do not get paid for these.

If you dig what I do and want to work with me or book me for a workshop/SHE talk - message me. If you love my tattoos and want to discuss the joys o' accessories, lets talk.

Email me at: hello@thesassyshe.com

Short + snatch-able bio

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Crowned ‘the defender of female awesomeness’ by Cooler magazine, Lisa Lister is an advocate of the FULL female experience. She's a writer, a menstrual maven and creatrix of the SHE Flow system - movement, women's wisdom and menstrual health + 'down-there' care practices - dedicated to helping women crack their lady code, reconnect with their body wisdom + love their lady landscape. www.thesassyshe.com