SASSY = Spiritual, Authentic, Sensual, Sensational YOU
SHE = goddess/source/soul/inner badass/sacred feminine

Basically, The SASSY SHE is an alchemical combination of intuitive + potent, fierce + feminine SHE power.

As a member of lady-kind, you have super-powers.
The kind that can change the world.
Except there's a chance that you've forgotten.
Don't fret, it's not your fault.

For years, women's stories, truth, voices + wisdom have been distorted, censored, burned and unheard.
This disconnection from our bodies, our truth + our power has caused us to hate, cut, add to and mutate our body as we endlessly strive for an advertiser’s idea of so-called perfection. 
We ignore our deepest needs and desires as women because we no longer trust that we know ourselves better than anyone else. 
We look outside ourselves for the answers + we self-medicate with drugs/food/alcohol/shopping.

No more.

Instead, I invite you to get freaking obsessed about exploring, articulating, navigating, exploring and most importantly, loving your lady landscape.
Yep, I'm talking about your womb, your vagina, your clitoris + ovaries. I'm talking about your menstrual cycle. I'm talking about the terrain of what it is to be a woman in these 'interesting' times.

The SASSY SHE is you + me.
She is a woman who is re-membering her disconnected parts.
The parts that hold power.
The parts that have been placed in the darkness, the very place they've taught us to be afraid of.

The SASSY SHE is NOT afraid of the dark, not anymore.
She knows that it's in the dark that she grows roots. Strong roots. Roots that connect her directly with mumma nature, her body + the cycles of life + death, dark + light, pleasure + pain.

When you work with the cycles of nature, the moon and your own menstrual cycle, you have instant access to ancient feminine wisdom. The innate awesomeness + power of the ladykind who have gone before us; witches, goddesses, priestesses, creatrixes, artists, word weavers, sorceresses and activists.
It was through my own getting-to-know-my-cycle process, which has now become a daily love-in ritual and self-care practice, that I got to really know the SASSY SHE.
SHE’s been ignored for too long, and quite frankly she’s pissed.
When SHE is pushed aside, ignored, abandoned, censored and silenced the very essence of who YOU are is also ignored, abandoned, censored and silenced.
Not cool.
Not cool AT ALL.

It's time for us to write a new story.
A story where we learn to go with the flow and not against the natural rhythms of life.
A story where we connect with the monthly super powers of our menstrual cycle – our womb is an oracle all of it’s freakin’ own.
A story where we are in daily chest-bump communion with SHE.
A story where we come into a 'I heart you' relationship with our beautiful bodies + lady landscapes.
A story where we stake our claim in the world by telling our deepest, heart-thumping truth, no matter how messy and imperfect that might look and feel.

Exploring, navigating and loving our lady landscape is a never-ending, deep, nurturing, sometimes fear-inducing but mostly incredible adventure into discovering ourselves. 
It's an opportunity to continually find our way home to who we were before we forgot - wild, sacred, fierce-ass, vulnerable, cyclical, magical, sensual, untamed + unapologetic women. 
I do this through storytelling, touch, ritual + ceremony, inner excavation, INbodyment practices and radical self-discovery + self-responsibility.

The SASSY SHE + the invitations + offerings I share are for women who want to re-connect - physically, energetically + spirituality - with their body, their creativity + their intuition through the wisdom of their menstrual cycle, their vag, womb + lady parts. 
Basically, it's woman's work. It's ancient feminine wisdom made relevant for the 21st century woman, delivered in a very British, very practical, non-bullshit way.

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I heart-riff about truth telling, menstrual cycles, sex, tattoos, business, pleasure, happiness, being turned on, my obsess-o-like passion for yoga, hot self-love, SHE Power, and the awesomeness o' being a real and raw untamed woman - rarr.

♥ Read my FREE SHE Readings. I use the SASSY SHE oracle cards to share insight + wisdom for the week ahead. (Sometimes I wear a headscarf + hoop earrings. I can't help it, I'm from gypsy heritage.) If you'd like a 1-to-1 SHE reading - a combo of tarot, oracle + psychic insight with me + SHE you can book yours HERE.
FYI: You can book at any time, but know that I only read on the dark and full moon, so be sure to specify what lunar energy you'd prefer.

♥ Buy the books.
The Think Pink series, SASSY: the go-for-it-girl’s guide to becoming the mistress of your destiny, Code Red + Love Your Lady Landscape are available to buy now + lovely people have said lots o' lovely things about all of them. Like this for example:

This is absolutely freakin' brilliant and every woman, actually not just every woman, but every man too, must read this. It'll inspire you to do great things from the first word. This book is electric and Lisa is on fire... The Barefoot Doctor, bestselling author (oh, and my spiritual man-crush)

Work with me.
I am a catalyst, a change-shit-uper-er. (Totally a word.)
If I were a tarot card, I'd be The Tower. When we work together, shifts will occur, awesomeness WILL happen. There will be a LOT of laughter, maybe a few dirty jokes and definitely one or two expletives, sometimes they'll be tears. most importantly, shit gets real.
In our 1-to-1 sessions you will connect with your body, your gut, your menstrual cycle and your big beat-y heart to claim your SHE power, Boudicca style - rarrrrr! - and create success in business, relationships and life.
You'll receive a combination of insight, tools and ancient feminine wisdom for modern day ladykind that will help you to discover your SHE power, become a called girl and do awesome shit in the world by working with, and not against the moon and your menstrual cycles. 

Each session will be a remembrance + a re-connection to our SHE Power. Our SHE Power is the power to see and embrace things that are beyond our control, the things that our heart yearns for – intimacy, creative expression, authenticity, sisterhood and being of service. It’s no wonder that we suffer so much stress in modern life; our energies – physical, mental, emotional + creative – have been forced into a structure that is masculine, yang energy and simply doesn’t fit with the natural flow of the female cycle. We will explore physical, energetic + spiritual practices that will reconnect you with your body + creativity through the wisdom of your entire lady landscape.
This is the GOOD STUFF.

An example spread - these cards are filled with love, magick and SASSY insight...
An example spread - these cards are filled with love, magick and SASSY insight...

♥ Discover the SASSY SHE for yourself using the SASSY SHE oracle cards.
Created over a period of 19 moons with felt tips, love and sassy sorcery by me, these cards are filled with super powerful juju and they can't wait to work with you.

♥ If you want to be a part of re-writing ladykind history, turn your story into an actual book . I can totally make that happen.
I'm a real-life author - I've written 34 books in total, I'm an editor - I've previously worked for Penguin, HarperCollins and O Books + I've been a journalist for over 18 years writing for teen girl magazines + women's titles both in UK + the US.

♥ I'm crazy-passionate about helping you to REALLY know yourself.
I'm in a bountiful size 16/18 body and through yoga, belly dance, burlesque and the study o' women's mysteries, my bleed cycle and menstruality, I've learned to totally own my SHE power.
I will work with you to awaken a divine relationship with your body through SHE Flow Yoga – divine movement, breath + total body nourishment for women of all shapes and sizes. No lycra necessary, promise.

So dive in, sweet thing + allow yourself to be called to what you need. THIS is what feminine badass-ery looks like.
Awesome, huh?!